Being a parent, despite being an absolute honour, is most probably the hardest role anyone will ever undertake, not to say with the greatest amount of responsibility.

When you find out you’re going to be a parent for the first time, at some point your focus and attention completely shifts from who you were to who you need to be. During this, there’s a change processes where you let go of the old parts of you behind as you move forward to make room for the new and exciting change ahead.

But, at some point have you asked yourself the question, does parenthood change us completely? Or is it just add” something to our existing life?

To become something greater than we already are, something’s have to change. Parenting is the perfect example of a reason to evolve and grow to better version of yourself.

Do we lose these old parts of ourselves, or do they lay dormant for us to awaken them again when the time is right?

To help answer this, and so much more, we welcome our special guest Anneliese Braendle: certified Health & Wellness Coach and kick-ass motivator, as well as the face behind Spark Courage. Other than her coaching qualifications she also holds a Bachelor and Master of Business – both with a major in Change Management which ties nicely together, as Courage and Change is what she works on with her clients.

We ask Anneliese questions including:

  1. Do you think that having children changes a person’s personality? If so, how?
  2.  When we experience pressure, do you think that it puts us under a microscope and we become more of who we already are?
  3. How common have you found parents ask themselves the question “Is this my life now, am I really just going to be a mum / dad?
  4. I understand that recent studies have confirmed that having your first child does change your personality, what can you tell us about the study?
  5. How does someone lose themselves?
  6. Where do you suggest we start on the journey of finding ourselves?
  7. If you could only implement one of the tips you mention in your blog, which one would it be?


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