In a provocative new study it’s been said that stay-at-home Mums are a drain on Australia’s economy and should get to work for their own benefit and the good of the country.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) landmark employment study has singled out stay-at-home mums in what could be considered to be cruel and nasty.

I think most of us believe that child care needs to be made more affordable in Australia, whilst ensuring we are paying our child care workers what they are entitled. You may have heard recent public debates about child care workers being underpaid which is another issue all together.

As we know, so many mothers (whom work part time and or are within the lower income bracket) just break even to cover the costs of childcare. Why shouldn’t it be socially acceptable for mothers to stay at home and look after their own children if they are just covering their costs?

The cost of living seems to be forever increasing, but wages are not. Where is the incentive for mums to return back to the workforce if they have to give the majority of it to Child Care?

It doesn’t seem fair for the (OECD) study to make a remark such as this without any reform or incentive to support it. After all, what has the government done to support this issue since they cut Tony Abbott’s baby bonus?

I think we all agree, something needs to be done to make it easier for Mums to return into the workforce. Mothers need more supportive workplaces to return to offering flexible work arrangements to allow them balance their home and work commitments.

We need balance of the two types of ‘Role Model Mums’, both Working and Stay at Home.

We need working Mums, who (amongst many things) demonstrate career ambition, strong work ethic, drive and teach children how to balance work and life commitments.

We equally need Stay at Home Mums whom are the glue that holds everything together.  Amongst the long list of tasks ,in their equally important occupation, often enough are the ones to support the working mums picking up, dropping off children before and after school.

Both roles are equally as important as each other. Just as stressful as one another. 

The question is, what’s more important for this country and our economy? Both of course.

We will have no future economy if the future generations are not looked after properly. Pre-school years are critical in a child’s development as we all know. Do we really want an entire generation of children raised by child care?

I just don’t think mums should be made to feel guilty for staying home for the benefit of improving the economy. Children need to be put first.

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