Fertility Meditations and Affirmations for Optimum Mindset

A diagnosis of infertility and the commencement of and form of Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART), be it Ovulation Induction (OI), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), or In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) come with a wide and varied range of emotions. Irrespective of whether… Continue Reading >

How to Reawaken your Mind in Motherhood

Do you remember the last time you allowed your mind to be still? To be focused on your own emotions? Your own wellbeing? Motherhood brings many changes to a woman’s life that when her new baby arrives, her mind is… Continue Reading >

Body-Confidence 101: A Psychologist Shares her Guide to Self-Acceptance

The concept of ‘self-acceptance’ can sometimes have you thinking of yoga retreats, hour-long baths or pamper weekends. In essence though, ‘self-acceptance’ when it comes to body image is about developing a kind, accepting and respectful relationship with our bodies, including… Continue Reading >

The Top 6 Affirmations to Say to your Child every Morning/Night during their Early Stages of Growth

Article attributed to Charlotte Ziff, Founder of children’s wellness and holistic brand, SunChild.    As every parent knows, there is no textbook formula that results in instant parenting success! The language used around children plays a major role in influencing… Continue Reading >

Affirmations – Does it really work?

Many parents use positive affirmations with their children in an attempt to boost their self-esteem. But what is the science behind these seemingly magical phrases? Does saying “you are smart” or “you are beautiful” actually make a difference? New research… Continue Reading >

Top 6 Affirmations to Say to Your Child Every Day to Look After their Mental Wellbeing and Develop Tools to Cope with Life’s Ups and Downs

By Charlotte Ziff   To live a happy and fulfilled life first we must have a positive mindset. What we think we will become. Building a strong mindset is linked to the language we will create our belief systems of… Continue Reading >

Worried about being labelled a bad mum for having PND? There’s no need!

On the floor sits the mum who is feeling constantly sad and cries for no reason. She’s always tired and has no energy, even when her baby is sleeping well. She’s lost interest in the things that used to make… Continue Reading >

Positive Affirmations (“I am” Statements)

Affirmations are sentences aimed to affect the conscious and the subconscious mind. The words in a positive self-affirmation like an “I am” statement, can help to inspire and motivate you to act and think in a way that will align… Continue Reading >

The #1 thing I do every day to instantly reduce anxiety & improve mental health

by Jas Rawlinson   Anxiety. It’s something that most of us struggle with at one time or another, and as someone with lived experience of both anxiety and depression, I can tell you this: when it flares up, it can… Continue Reading >

20 empowering affirmations to help you rock your birth

It’s been 7 weeks and 5 hours since I gave birth to my son. And it’s been 7 weeks and 16 hours since I’ve opened my laptop.  Now, as the baby is sleeping and the older boy is having some… Continue Reading >