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Many new parents commonly research the latest and greatest toys to help encourage their babies cognitive development. While technology has proven to provide many innovative products that offer this, often the best are always those classic, time-honoured traditions that are tried and tested, which we have always been accustomed to.

As simple as they can be, bubbles can help support babies’ healthy cognitive, physical and vocabulary development in several ways.

In addition to being a fun activity for your infant, playing with bubbles is a fantastic method to foster growth and learning in a set of core dimensions. As a parent, you can use bubbles to assist your little one in learning valuable skills. Besides being a fascinating sight, bubbles also move slowly, making them an ideal tool for teaching your child to coordinate the use of their eyes and hands.

Babies can benefit a lot from observing floating bubbles or simply moving their bodies in an attempt to pop them. We reached out to our friends at Funrise Inc. to learn more about Gazillion Bubbles and the positive effects bubbles have on infant development. For almost two decades, their superior bubble products have inspired children’s creativity and made playtime a more pleasurable experience. That makes them experts in how bubbles can help to encourage babies’ development.

Let’s jump in!

Benefits of babies observing bubbles:

  • Visual Tracking

Babies as young as three months old can enjoy watching bubbles. By that time, their eyesight has developed, and they can see the colour and contrast of the bubbles. Children can develop their eye muscle control by focusing on the movement of bubbles. Concentration skills can also be enhanced by having children watch the bubbles move.

  • Spacial awareness and sense of direction 

Babies can learn about their surroundings by watching bubbles rise and glide through the air. This can also help them understand that certain things are heavy while others are light and float.

Learning to distinguish between slow and fast-moving objects and the direction in which they are going is part of spatial awareness, another skill that may be taught to infants with the help of bubbles. Babies can better understand three-dimensional form and texture with the help of bubbles.

  • Muscle strengthening

Babies’ natural curiosity can help them become moving and active, which is especially beneficial for muscle development during stomach time. An infant’s muscle tone can benefit from the movement the bubbles encourage while they are prone. To take their first steps forward, they raise their heads high and turn both ways to take their first steps forward. To go closer to the bubbles and try to grab them.

As infants develop and begin to crawl, chasing bubbles can serve as more than just a mild kind of physical activity. As they stretch their arms and hands to grab the bubbles, newborns build muscle and get stronger. Your kid’s future success in sports depends on the coordination and self-assurance they make during this time.

  • Developing gross motor skills

Gross motor skills include running and jumping and encompass the entire range of muscular motions. In addition to being a fun activity for toddlers, chasing bubbles is a fantastic stimulation for early motor development.

Use the Gazillion Bubbles Tornado bubble machine to create a tone of bubbles your child can chase. This super bubble maker can produce 4,500 bubbles every minute at the touch of a button. Just tighten on the auto-feed valve cap, slide the bottle of solution into the spout, press the button, and marvel as a whirlwind of bubbles is released into the air! When so many bubbles are produced, your baby can crawl after them and pop them with their hands.

  • Fine motor development

Your toddler will want to join in on making bubbles as soon as they can hold the wand. It’ll be a mess at first, but repetition is the key to success. The fine motor skills required to wield a pencil correctly, write legibly, and use tools are all fostered by putting the wand in and taking it out of the container.

  • Hand-eye and foot-eye coordination

Popping bubbles is a great way to practice if you want to improve your baby’s hand-eye or foot-eye coordination. These early motor experiences lay the groundwork for more advanced skills in ball sports, such as catching, kicking, tossing, and hitting. For this reason, the Spinnin’ Bubbles bubble Wand from Gazillion Bubbles would be ideal. An infant or toddler will figure out how to grip a Gazillion Bubbles bubble wand properly. To create the bubbles, dip the wand inside the Gazillion Bubble Premium Solution and spin it around creating a flurry of bubbles!

  • Body awareness

Toddlers are developing the crucial skill of pointing to various parts of the body, learning the names of those parts, and becoming aware of their locations and range of motion. The possibilities for discussing and learning about the human body that bubbles present are virtually limitless.

Bubble play activities for babies

It’s fun to see the bubbles pop when your older infant can pull up to a standing position and is supported. To entertain a young child, try trapping a bubble on your wand and letting the child reach for it.

When your baby is old enough to crawl, creep, and walk, they will have a blast chasing after bubbles and popping them wherever they land. To prevent your crawling or toddling child from getting too close to the bubbles, set up a safe obstacle course with things like pillows, cushions, tunnels, and chairs.

Bath time is more enjoyable with bubbles. They’ll stay on moist skin longer until they pop. Blow the bubbles onto the baby’s body and point out the different parts as you name them.

Older infants and toddlers have a lot of fun using a fly swatter to try to pop bubbles. Start with the bubbles that make it to the ground and work your way up to the ones still in the air.

Youngsters can have fun using Gazillion Bubbles Premium Bubble Solution to make and pop bubbles. This bubble solution is well-regarded since it creates durable bubbles of varying sizes and shapes, it’s non-toxic to children, and doesn’t leave any stains.

Gazillion is here to help you foster baby development with their bubble range.

Use Gazillion Bubbles Premium Bubble Solution to create the largest, most impressive bubbles. The bubbles produced by their solutions are unparalleled. Gazillion Bubbles has been the undisputed market leader in environmentally friendly bubble products for almost two decades. Their product is harmless to the environment, harmless to humans, and non-staining to fabric and wood. Their products are great for kids above the age of 3. Purchase now and see for yourself!