We are all well aware of how quickly we have descended towards an irreversible global warming. Thankfully, while our governments try to catch up with policy, many of us have recognised the difference we can make with the smallest of actions and taking the leap forward towards a sustainable future. If you haven’t yet become a part of this huge global movement or you’re simply wondering what else can you do to help… then read on!

There are many alternative ways to increase sustainable living practices asides from the mainstream ideas we often think about – savings on power, installing solar, driving hybrid cars, recycling plastics and so on. At Coco Rose Interiors, we are focused on helping people create a more natural and eco-friendly way for people to design their homes and live their lives. There are many associated benefits by styling your home with high quality, handcrafted eco-friendly furniture and decor that has been ethically sourced.



Goodbye carbon footprint!

By purchasing ethically sourced products, you are saying no to the mass-produced furniture market, intent on making fast furniture that has a life cycle of 5 years and destined for your local landfill. Investing in high-quality decor, your heirloom pieces will prove to be more cost efficient over time by reducing the need for re-consumption. Handcrafted products are made with robust high-grade sustainable materials and with a greater control over the quality processes during manufacturing. The success of the product relies on the craftsman’s skill, eye for detail and ultimately their reputation in producing a premium product that will endure generations of love. Handcrafted ensures a minimalist approach to furniture design whereby products are made in fewer quantities with a commitment to using only what is required and discouraging re-consumption through the production of high-quality end products that will not end up in a landfill. This reduces the need for mass land clearance, disruption natural fauna habitats, soil degradation, erosion and sediment displacement.




Doctor who?

Styling with a natural, eco-friendly and minimalistic approach has increased health benefits within the home. It has been shown by decluttering the home and only using products that serve BOTH purpose and style, you will feel more organised and reduce stress. With less clutter comes more focus as the eye is not unnecessarily distracted by mess and disorganisation. Also, by styling your home with lush plants and natural earthy materials, you will not only feel more at ease in a setting akin with the environment, but your plants will naturally clear the air of toxins and help alleviate sensitive allergies.



A Brighter Future for all!

Using ethically sourced products creates a better life for everyone involved in the product from manufacturer to consumer. An ethically sourced product ensures all business practices are conducted in line with fair trading agreements and employees are not exploited with poor working conditions. Ethically sourcing allows small businesses and their employees (often in disadvantaged regions) to build a better life for themselves and their families. It also provides the consumer with a unique opportunity to educate their families about the importance of ethical sourcing for a brighter future.












My name is Petria and I am the owner of Coco Rose Interiors.

We are an online business offering our customers a luxe range of high quality, handmade bohemian style furniture and decor.

I am so excited to share with you my passion for beautiful handcrafted pieces and show you how seamlessly all of our products can be styled in your home or child’s room to give way to that perfect bohemian feel.


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