Having a child is expensive! As a mother of 2 girls myself and a house proud mum at that, I know the costs.  There’s something delightful but wasteful in setting up a nursery, then a room for a toddler, then that older kid but not yet teenage décor and finally, they are ready to let go and want change but not completely! How do you plan ahead for some obvious change of bedding furniture, your child’s own input into their space and how it feels, it’s functionality and durability?


  • Colour for purpose: Have you ever heard of colour psychology? It’s a soft science used over the millennia and by advertising, marketing and interior design companies, hospitals, prisons etc. For kids, colour is essential so they embrace it and it reflects their personality. For longevity and a beautiful décor, unless your walls are white, a full-on multicoloured décor can be overpowering, especially in a small space.  If you love multicoloured, then put all the colour in your artwork, rug, toys, cushions and floral arrangement and keep the greater décor more straightforward so that it lasts.

Todays interiors are the most elegant and restful when the colour palette flows throughout your home. With your child’s room, take your wall colour in and then, choose 1 favourite colour from your palette and add more of it, but how do you know which colour?  Avoid red- it’s not restful for a bedroom!  Avoid black, except in small punches for contrast- colour will engage healthier emotional habits. Blue, green, yellow, pink, orange are all great.  The colours that create the illusion of more space, if the room’s small, are green and yellow and a blue violet-like, far away mountains!  Choose two other colours from your décor as accents.  As your child grows, you add new accessories in this colour palette rather than changing the entire décor!


  • Style and Theme to values: Your family may be all about an appreciation of nature, sports, fantasy, animals, travel etc.  This is what is important to you!  Buy furniture that suits your home’s overall interior décor style so that as your child grows, it can be re-purposed with a lick of paint or placed elsewhere and suit.  If you are very social, get your child a bunk bed for sleepovers!  If you are glamorous, get them a double sized bed or queen straight off and sleepovers will never be a problem.   The thing is, keep the furniture stylish and practical so it lasts the long-term and remember, you can always paint it.


  • Textures that warm: Did you know that texture, like colour, or a good heater, will warm a space!.  How can you add texture?  Beautiful wool knit throws or feaux furs if you’re that glamorous mum; knotted timbers, shag pile or hand woven rugs and baskets will all add texture.  These things last the years and are gorgeous for winter cuddles and bedtime stories.


  • Accessories that do and don’t change: The things that will change will be toys! Photo frames tend to stay so again, buy frames that suit your style and in your chosen metal/timber/colours.  Position toys in your décor colour on display and have baskets for the rest, neatly out of sight.  Lamps can be an investment for them to last into the teenage years so again, buy quality.  If your doorknobs or furniture hardware are all brushed silver then get a lamp in the same metal.If you would like wallpaper, don’t go kiddy and create a headache for later and never buy wallpaper made in China, from Bunnings or online, but a good quality design directly to suit your home décor. Feaux floral arrangement for girls rooms can change and are a lovely addition.
    Art that resonates: So, with a base created, what will express your child’s dreams and aspirations?  Posters may be one option, although, I restrict those to my children’s study as eyesores!


  • Art is a great way to enhance your décor with something that lasts and can become a family heirloom.  Children can paint their own artwork, like in my Private Kids or Adult Art Workshops, or, I like to suggest encouraging children to visualise their ambitions with a portrait.  Unlike photos, which are great in frame groupings neatly hung 5-10cm apart as a small gallery of memories, Kids Fantasy Face Portraits define a décor, a child’s personality, childhood dreams and create a room’s atmosphere.  A mural is another way to add art to your décor.

I never suggest kiddy again but think on a theme that will last, like horses and grasses in a lovely metallic silver or, trees for a forest feel with a few birds or go a texture wall like a Haymes Artisan Feature Wall effects, with a mural or artwork layer over the top.  Layering adds heaps of interest to your child’s room.  Adding art to your child’s room, gives them an appreciation of the finer things in life and a precious keepsake or a value-add to your home’s property value.

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