A simple guided imagery form of meditation to help kids and adolescents move from a stressed to a relaxed state of mind in less than one minute.

Stress is becoming more common for adults, children, and adolescents, affecting their mental and emotional well-being.

Kids and adolescents can benefit from incorporating an innovative guided imagery routine into their daily lives.

What is Guided Imagery

Belleruth Naparstek, LISW, BCD US Guided Imagery Pioneer explains:

“Guided imagery meditation is a gentle but powerful technique that focuses and directs the imagination in proactive, positive ways. With at least 40 years of research to back it up, guided imagery has demonstrated a positive impact on health, creativity, and performance.

Even though it is a form of meditation, guided imagery is easier for most to use than mindfulness meditation, as it requires less time and discipline to develop a high skill level. This is because it seduces the mind with appealing sensory images that have their own natural pull.”

How do kids go with guided imagery? 

“Kids are naturals at this, responding to guided imagery easily and intensely, because they haven’t had time to be acculturated away from this natural, inborn ability. Contrary to what many people assume, adolescents are excellent candidates for guided imagery.

Guided Imagery works because the brain and body respond to imagined experience almost as strongly as if it were really happening.”

De Paolis et al, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 2019 

“Guided imagery is most often used as a relaxation technique. It involves sitting or lying quietly and imagining yourself in a favorite peaceful setting such as a beach, meadow, or forest.”

Imagery – John Hopkins Medicine 

“Guided imagery is a relaxation technique designed to reduce stress….. Guided imagery can help you detach from those worries to catch some ZZZs.”

How Guided Imagery Helps You Relax, Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials.

 “Guided imagery is a relaxation technique where you use your imagination to help lower stress, pain, or other negative feelings. The concept is simple: imagine a place that is peaceful and relaxing to you. It can be a place you have been to or one created purely from your imagination”.

What to Know About Guided Imagery – WebMD


At the heart of the Evolve Me Guided Imagery form of meditation is the unique tailor-made Peaceful Place that your child will create inside their mind. In this place, he or she is always calm and relaxed. This is a place they can get back to easily and in the process of getting there, they automatically relax and let go of stress.

There is something special about building your own Peaceful Place. Children and adolescents follow the audio guidance however they are required to choose the place for their Peaceful Place. They must imagine designing and building their own Peaceful Place and decorating it to their choice. They are given many options along the journey however the decisions are all theirs and most feel proud of their achievement. The audio guidance of the app is simple, enjoyable and highly intuitive.

The key to the Evolve Me relaxation practice is to develop the habit of short, regular visits to Your Peaceful Place. When skilled in this simple daily habit, children and adolescents can take as little as 30 seconds to one minute to move from a stressed state to a relaxed state of mind and regain their focus and ability to concentrate.

What does this mean in real life? Children and adolescents can quickly and easily calm themselves when they need to. For example, it could be relationships, assignments or worries about an important exam in school. Many scenarios can lead children to feel stressed. By going to their Peaceful Place, even just briefly, he or she can empower themselves to take better control of their feelings, rather than their feelings taking control of them, and settle their mind and body, helping them to navigate their situation more calmly.

Techniques like the Evolve Me guided imagery can make relaxation simple and enjoyable for kids, fostering a sense of calm and emotional resilience.

The Evolve Me guided imagery meditation free app launching on June 14th offers a fresh approach to address the need for those looking to find simple daily habits to help them move from a stressed to a relaxed state of mind in their hectic lives.

Inspired by the “Your Peaceful Place” system developed by Sandy MacGregor and Laurence Toltz, this article explains the key relaxation technique tailored for children to instil a sense of calm and resilience.

Co-author of ‘Your Peaceful Place’, Sandy MacGregor, shares a touching story about his son who suffered from severe asthma attacks. By using a relaxation technique taught by a doctor, his son was able to control his panic during asthma attacks, significantly improving his quality of life. This technique didn’t cure his asthma, but it allowed him to manage the symptoms better and avoid the downward spiral of panic. Learning this technique was the catalyst for Sandy’s purpose of helping people achieve more in their lives easily and without stress.

Guided Imagery Technique for Kids: 

1.                 The Magic Carpet Ride

Encourage your child to imagine a magic carpet that takes them to their favourite place. This could be a beautiful beach, a magical forest, or even outer space. As they close their eyes and visualise the journey, guide them with soothing descriptions of what they might see, hear, and feel. This technique not only relaxes the mind but also encourages creativity and imagination.

2.                 The Rainbow Walk

Guide your child through a rainbow of colours, each representing a different feeling or sensation. For example, red might symbolise warmth and love, while blue represents calm and peace. As they imagine walking through each colour, they can focus on the positive emotions associated with it.

This method helps children understand and manage their feelings in a fun and engaging way.

3.                 The Peaceful Garden

Have your child imagine a beautiful garden where they feel safe and happy. Describe the flowers, trees, and maybe even friendly animals they might see. Encourage them to explore this garden in their mind, paying attention to the details and the sense of calm it brings. This technique promotes a sense of security and relaxation.

Benefits of Guided Imagery for Kids: 

  • Stress Reduction: Guided imagery helps children and adolescents relax and reduce stress by shifting their focus from negative thoughts to positive and calming
  • Enhanced Creativity: By engaging their imagination, children can boost their creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Improved Focus: Regular practice of guided imagery can enhance a child’s ability to concentrate and stay focussed, both in school and in daily

Incorporating Guided Imagery into Daily Routines: 

  • Bedtime Rituals: Integrating a short visit to their Peaceful Place into bedtime routines can help children unwind and prepare for a restful
  • School Breaks: Using the habit of short visits to their Peaceful Place guided imagery during school breaks can provide a mental reset, helping children return to their studies with a clearer mind.
  • Stressful Moments: Encouraging children to use a short visit to their Peaceful Place during stressful moments can help them manage their emotions and stay calm.

Relaxation techniques like guided imagery offer valuable benefits for children. By introducing these practices early, we can equip kids with the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges with resilience. Evolve Me’s guided imagery meditation app provides an excellent resource for parents and caregivers looking to support their children’s mental and emotional well-being. Inspired by the “Your Peaceful Place” system, these techniques can help children achieve a more balanced and peaceful life.

The Evolve Me guided imagery form of meditation app works well for children aged 12+ but the techniques mentioned in this article are perfect for children and adolescents of any age.


The Evolve Me guided imagery form of meditation was originally created by Sandy MacGregor an Australian author and meditation expert for his Calm Life Courses business.

The app has been developed by Laurence Toltz, businessman and long-time friend and passionate supporter of Sandy’s Peaceful Place Guided imagery technique with essential support from Haydee Toltz, a senior business psychologist and trainer. Laurence and Haydee updated Sandy’s original text from “Your Peaceful Place” for the script for the apps.

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