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Preparing the kids is just as important as preparing ourselves for the new school year. The silly season is a fun time, especially for kids with presents, and all the activity that comes with this time of the year. We get so caught up in the festivities, and it all swings by so fast that before we know it, the new year has begun, and there are back-to-school signs and flyers all over town. The Aldi catalogue has many items for both parents and kids; for example, they have many lunchbox treat items like Arnott’s Jatz at $3,29 for the kids and Moccona classic coffee at $10,79 for the adults to be better able to manage the back-to-school preparations. How, then, do we wind down from the holidays and get everyone prepared? Let’s get into it.

1.    Get back into a sleep schedule

The holidays throw off the kid’s sleep schedule because we permit children to remain up late doing whatever they like. The first thing to do in getting the kids ready for school is to get them into bed early or at a set time every night so that they get enough sleep. It is best to do this early, not before the school year begins. Early to bed, early to rise.

2.    Get back into a routine

Your routine must cover the activities you do before bed, like brushing your teeth and reading before bed to help the kid wind down before they sleep. It can include a homework slot as well. The idea is to prepare and note down your routine and involve the kid in this entire process so there is a sense of ownership and active participation. This way, they will get used to the routine and will be able to manage it with little supervision.

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3.    Limit screen time

Getting back into the school-related routine is an opportune time to limit screen time. You could set it up so the whole family is off their devices at a specific time in the evenings and leave them to charge at a designated spot. In the spirit of limiting screen time, the family can use actual alarm clocks instead of cell phone alarms to start the day. This will make it easier to ease into the new school year for the kids especially.

4.    Talk about new school year anxiety

Make sure to have a conversation with the kids about how it is normal that they should feel anxious or nervous about a new school year, whether they are starting a new grade or starting school for the first time. This will help them deal with the feelings that the new change will bring about more easily, and it will also give you, as their parent, a chance to educate them on how to manage these emotions. This can include breathing exercises, meditation or journaling, depending on their age, or even talking about their fears and feelings.

It’s crucial to remember that you should create an environment where the new school year is something worth celebrating. That way, by the time it comes around, the kids are mentally prepared for what’s ahead with some excitement and enthusiasm.

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