Rainbow Families

Rainbow Families

Rainbow Families received a grant from the WayAhead Foundation to conduct a parenting workshop on the issues of perinatal anxiety and depression, and develop a resource specifically for our community.


“ friends can look after you by being there, doing practical things such as cleaning, washing, cooking and taking baby for a while.. active listening with no judgment, and I got a lot out of the rainbow playgroup and a bit of adult company, parents who were real and admitted it is hard some days.”  


About Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

Conception, pregnancy, birth and bringing a baby home can be an intense time.

In Australia depression affects one in five females and one in eight males. The research stated that postnatal depression affects 16% of new mothers. We don’t have stats for gay or trans parents. There is a gap in the research and health information about the experience of LGBTQI parents.

During 2016 Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week, Rainbow Families held a focus group with a lovely morning tea as part of the Sydney Rainbow Families Playgroup. There was also an online survey inviting members to share their stories and wisdom about experiencing depression and anxiety. Members of our communities shared their struggles and also what they found helpful, and what made a difference for them, their relationship and their baby.

“ Know you are not alone. Acknowledge sleep deprivation has huge impacts and so nap when you can. Always ensure you allow yourself at least half an hour of your time each day. Lower your own expectations and ignore other people’s. Try not to compare.”


The new Rainbow Families Postnatal Depression Resource is available now.

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