Motherhood and Anxiety

Anxiety is a far more common issue with new mums than postnatal depression. For many women, anxiety, not sadness, is what they feel after having their baby. It can start in pregnancy and once the baby is born to grow to… Continue Reading >

Crisis Fatigue

I have Crisis Fatigue  So, what is this condition?  Well, it is not a real documented medical condition but has been discovered that it can cause stress, low motivation, depression, hopelessness, exhaustion, and mental overload. See my go at a dictionary definition below.  Noun  Being inundated with constant disasters… Continue Reading >

How can nutrition benefit postnatal depression?

Lana Hirth, Accredited Practising Dietitian Does food impact your mood? With more than 1 in 7 new mums and up to 1 in 10 new dads experiencing postnatal depression (PANDA, 2021), it’s worth exploring all options that can help to… Continue Reading >

Understanding Postnatal Depression

Perinatal or postnatal depression affects about 15 – 20 per cent of women in Australia. For about 40 per cent of these cases, the symptoms begin in pregnancy and can last up to two years. Even though postnatal depression is… Continue Reading >

Could you have Adrenal Fatigue?

What is Adrenal Fatigue?  Since the turn of this century, Adrenal insufficiency or fatigue has been recognised as a clinical syndrome most commonly caused by our modern hectic lifestyle.  It is a collection of symptoms that appear over time when… Continue Reading >

4 Ways To Overcome Postnatal Depression & Anxiety

‘Baby blues’ and feeling like an ‘emotional mess’ after having a baby are common feelings for many new mums. But when you’re constantly feeling snappy, irritable, down and worrying ALL THE TIME, you can’t help but wonder – what’s wrong… Continue Reading >

Smiling After Postnatal Depression | Josephine Smyth | Ep 123

Today we’re doing something a little different, an open discussion with a Mum about her experiences with Post Natal Depression (PND) and the strategies she used in supporting her recovery. This is in the hope it will support parents facing… Continue Reading >

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression

Sarah Tooke, Clinical Midwife, The Mater Hospital New parents have to adapt to several physical and emotional changes. Sometimes, we become so attuned with our babies and this new lifestyle that we forget about ourselves and neglect our mental health,… Continue Reading >

The Essentials of Postpartum Nutrition for All Mothers

Our season of postpartum motherhood is all -encompassing. We experience moments of wonder and worry, happiness and helplessness, awe and angst, and often all within an average day. We are the nurturers, givers and comforters – roles that demand so… Continue Reading >

5 great reasons children should be doing yoga!

Did you know? It is estimated that 1 in 7 primary school-age children has a mental health difficulty, like anxiety, depression and behaviour problems, but only 1 in 4 gets the help they need. Certain risk factors present before 6 months… Continue Reading >