5 Ways to Establish a Positive Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher

It’s vital to develop a good relationship with your child’s teacher. Sure, your child is the one spending the most time with their teacher, so you may feel developing a relationship yourself is not all that important. However, it’s crucial… Continue Reading >

Safe Barriers Save Lives

Homeowners urged to check their pool and spa barriers as toddler drowning rates spike to a 4 year high   Kidsafe today launched their annual ‘Safe Barriers Save Lives’ campaign, calling on all homeowners to ‘help save a life’ by… Continue Reading >

Helping Educational Communities Easily Track and Manage Student’s Wellbeing

With the new school year in full swing, the impacts of the COVID-19 lockdown have not been forgotten and has propelled a need for improved understanding and management of mental wellbeing for students. The effects of lockdown have brought a… Continue Reading >

Flat feet in children – when should I be worried?

How cute are baby and toddler feet?  They are small and chubby and soft… Lots of things to love. We often get lots of questions about babies’ feet, and one common question from parents are whether they should be worried… Continue Reading >

Signs your child might have dyslexia

By Amy McAlister, Youthrive Chief Operating Officer and Speech Pathologist   Learning Disorder Specific to Reading and Writing – AKA Dyslexia – comes in all shapes and sizes and looks different for every person. For children, dyslexia is typically identified… Continue Reading >

The Separation Challenge

Life can be great. And love can be fantastic. But when things don’t work out…….it can be challenge. Especially if children are involved.  Things can be complex, complicated or amiable and smooth. There are many factors involved, and often there… Continue Reading >

Why a little one’s temperament is key for good sleep

When it comes to sleep so many parents think that if you choose to address issues and seek out help then you will need to take a cry it out approach and for many, this misconception scares them off seeking… Continue Reading >

When your newborn baby is more than “unsettled” …. Three Case Studies

I’ve talked a lot this year about Edward, my “orchid” baby.  He’s been fussier than your average baby and has taken a long time to settle down out of his newborn phase.  I’ve shared this journey of having a baby… Continue Reading >

Rainbow Families Postnatal Depression Resource

Rainbow Families received a grant from the WayAhead Foundation to conduct a parenting workshop on the issues of perinatal anxiety and depression, and develop a resource specifically for our community.   “ friends can look after you by being there,… Continue Reading >

The part of your postnatal body that nobody talks about….

Saggy boobs, abdominal muscle separation, haemorrhoids – ask anyone who had a baby how they are feeling about their postnatal body and they are sure to have a list of complaints.   But has anyone ever told you about their vaginal… Continue Reading >