We’ve heard time & time again about the importance of strengthening our pelvic floor muscles. It’s not until you have a sudden or unexpected loss of bladder control when you cough, laugh, jump or sneeze that you experience this need first hand.

To ensure we don’t have to make lifestyle changes or sacrifices to accommodate for embarrassing leakages we can’t leave this issue untreated.

To help talk to us about our pelvic floor & its importance during & after childbirth we welcome Linda Fuller, Clinical Director at Davlin Health.


We ask Linda questions including:

  1. Where are our pelvic floor muscles located & what are their function?
  2. How can pregnancy affect our pelvic floor?
  3. Do you escape pelvic floor issues if you have a caesarean birth?
  4. What is prolapse, how can this affect us?
  5. How do you know if your pelvic floor is weak?
  6. How is the pelvic floor an important part of our core?
  7. What are the options available if you have a weak pelvic floor and you have bladder leakage?
  8. Is the Emsella chair treatment only for women, how does it work?


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