When you listen to lullabies you’re not only soothing your bub, you’re also saving children the world over!

You’re home with your little bundle of joy and the first days and week or two are just precious… then your baby’s eyes open wide one night and they start crying. The precious little sleeper you brought home from the hospital is not such a good little sleeper anymore!

I remember the first time this happened to us, we were 6-days in and thought this parenting thing was easy! Ha! Then Jack woke at about 6.30pm and screamed, and I mean screamed. We called nurse on call: ‘Why is our baby crying so much all of a sudden?’ It took us by surprise!

Welcome to witching hour!

I will never forget looking into my son’s mouth and right down past his tonsils as he screamed night after night, from 6.30 until about 7.30-8, witching hour! We thought we had it bad, but we learnt from others it could have been much worse. Many of our friends had their bubs crying at all hours.


What helped? Music!

Lullabies are scientifically proven to lull babies to sleep. Not only that, they also stimulate language and cognitive development as well as helping to strengthen the emotional bond between the parent and child, an emotional bond created with the soothing sounds of music that come with cuddles and telling your baby through music and actions that they are safe and they are loved.

Lullabies have been used to soothe babies for-, well forever, with evidence dating back to 2000 BC shows Mums were soothing their babies with lullabies.

When Little Rockers Radio first came to be, it was a Dad that contacted us and asked P-L-E-A-S-E put on lullabies all night, so we did. It was needed, much needed we realised as parents right across the country started contacting us to say ‘thankyou!’ for helping get their bub to sleep and in making their nights a little more relaxing.

And, let’s face it, lullabies are much nicer than white noise for Mum and Dad to listen to.

Little Rockers Radio is a FREE online radio station for children and their parents! With lullabies playing all night, every night, we are there for you when you need us. Simply press PLAY!

We are also much more than just radio. We love to entertain kids and support parents, we also have a very BIG goal… to ensure every child is safe, healthy and happy. It’s a basic right! That’s why we are a social enterprise, with 70% of all station profits going to charity. We also run some super cool fundraising campaigns and to date through all of our efforts we have helped to raise well over $150,000.

So, next time you press play on Little Rockers Radio, know that you are not only entertaining or soothing your bub, you’re helping us to grow and make an even bigger impact on children’s lives.

Download our free App at www.littlerockersradio.com.au and PRESS PLAY when you need us.