Entertaining kids at home

Like many other parents in 2020 I found myself suddenly at home a lot more with my kids (10 and 7) than ever before. This was a whole new level of challenge. So many hours. So little space. I had… Continue Reading >

10 Ideas To Encourage Effective Play-Based Learning

If you are a new parent, babysitter, or nursery teacher, you should know that playing is one of the most important ways children learn necessary educational & life skills. Besides promoting social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills, play-based learning encourages… Continue Reading >

Why Extra Curricular Activities are Great for Children

Soccer, tennis, music classes the list is endless. There are so many amazing activities that children can do after school. The smiles on children’s faces when they leave school to go to an activity demonstrates why these activities are so… Continue Reading >

Never Too Young For Music

  Parents often question the validity of enrolling an infant into music classes asking, ‘Isn’t my child too young?’ Music is a Language Instinctively, we don’t wait until a child can speak before we talk to them. We immerse them… Continue Reading >

Shifting Your Mindset in Parenting 

Something I’ve really learnt over the past (almost!) two years as a mother, is that my mindset really dictates so much of how each day plays out.  I can easily get stuck in a mindset of “this is so hard, I… Continue Reading >

Surviving Lockdown with a Baby or Young Child

The world has certainly changed over the past 18 months with many families going in and out of lockdown multiple times. Many parents are caring for their babies and young children while also working from home to help stop the… Continue Reading >

How Music Benefits Our Child’s Brain Development

As adults we’re all aware of the joy of music. Whether it’s singing along to the radio as we drive, celebrating while you worship or belting out your band’s favourite tune when you see them play live, it’s embedded into… Continue Reading >

Benefits of Musical Creativity in Children

LEGO LAUNCHES MUSIC VIDEO MAKER EXPERIENCE FOR KIDS Musical creativity develops confidence, which is incredibly important in the lives of children. New research from LEGO and Universal Music Group reveals that 89% of parents say music helps build creative skills,… Continue Reading >

Why music is superfood for young children’s brain development

Media kindly brought to you by Mini Maestros We all know a song and a dance gives kids oodles of enjoyment, but did you know music also presents a huge developmental benefit for young children in particular? It’s common to… Continue Reading >

Get to know more about Youtube Channel Kids Star Diana from Kids Diana Show

If you’re a mum of a little girl who has access to the internet, then you probably know who ‘Diana’ is by now. If not, it’s fair to say you’ve been living under a rock! Diana is none other than… Continue Reading >