By Damon Nailer


With the new year, many are strategizing and formulating what is considered personal development goals for 2022.  So, what is personal development?  Personal development, which is also known as self-work or self-growth work, encompasses learning and taking actions that should enhance your life in some capacity, whether it’s personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, etc.

One suggestion is that you should not measure your personal development in numbers or just mere goals attained. You want to observe and assess the small gains, positive changes you make throughout your journey. It’s all about adjusting, learning new skills/information, broadening your horizons, connecting with new people, and most importantly, discovering more about yourself. Another suggestion is to make sure your goals are realistic, attainable.  This means they are capable of being achieved through hard work and effort.

Here is some advice to help you succeed at personal development.

  1. Be patient by giving yourself grace and space to change because it takes time.
  2. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes or revert to former behavior.
  3. Love yourself, despite your flaws, weaknesses, and issues. Even though these things are often perceived as negative, all of them make up the composite you.
  4. If you don’t reach your goals within the initial timeframe, give yourself an extension.