By now if you haven’t spoken to your children about COVID-19 they would be aware of some changes to their lives. This could be through the changes to their daily schedule by not going to childcare, preschool, kindergarten or primary school.

Even as simple that they are housebound and not able to freely play outdoors in public areas like playgrounds or visit the library and or see their friends.

Whatever the case may be, if you haven’t yet sat them down and had a one on one conversation with your kids yet, they would be aware that the world has changed, even if it’s their little world around them.

So where do you start and how do you talk to your kids about the Coronavirus, lucky for us today we are joined by Val Priekulis, a psychologist from YouThrive to discuss this very topic.


We ask Val questions including:

  1. Can you tell us why you think parents should be having age-appropriate conversations with their children about COVID-19 at this time?
  2. In your article, you list 8 tips to help parents, could you run us through a few of them?
  3. Is it important for children to talk about their thoughts and feelings about COVID-19? If so, how can parents encourage them to express their feelings?
  4. Why is it important to ensure you validate your children’s feelings?
  5. It is a hard conversation to have. Just like us kids need time to process big heavy discussions. Following “the conversation” how often after it should parents check back in with their kids to see what other thoughts and feelings have reared up?
  6. We all know kids love asking questions. They do however give us adults insight into their perception of the world through their lens. What types of questions should parents be concerned with their children are asking them?
  7. What tips can you offer parents to help them remain calm and positive when talking to their kids about COVID-19?Q8- Should parents encourage children to stay socially connected?


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