Helping Kids Manage Their Emotions During Lockdown

Since COVID entered our lives in early 2020 there have been a multitude of events that have caused anxiety, confusion, and numerous other emotions for our children. As our country is now being impacted by continual lock downs it can… Continue Reading >

How To Help Kids Cope With Disappointment Caused By Isolation | Kari Sutton | Ep 12

The COVID-19 era is going to be one that children will remember as being the point in time that they missed out many things, mostly the things that meant a lot to them. They will remember COVID-19 being the reason… Continue Reading >

How to help kids cope with disappointment caused by isolation

In a world impacted by Coronavirus it can seem like everything fun has been cancelled. There are so many things that have suddenly disappeared from our children’s lives –  birthday parties, holidays, visiting grandparents, play dates, the Easter Show- so… Continue Reading >

Out Of My Control

A huge slice of my step mum experiences can be put into the ‘this is out of my control’ box. Arguably a lot of our lives are out of our complete control however this feeling can be incredibly frustrating. Feeling… Continue Reading >

Put your own oxygen mask on first

If you have been on a plane recently then you will have heard the airline safety message, “fit your own oxygen mask first before helping others, including children”. Does this sound a bit crazy…….. cruel….. unrealistic….. or down-right sensible?  … Continue Reading >

15 Ways to Help Raise Compassionate Children

Compassion is defined as the sympathetic concern for another’s suffering or misfortune. Children’s brains do not develop the ability feel malice or ill feelings until the age of 8 years of age. That said, they are naturally loving and compassionate,… Continue Reading >

How to Strengthen your Child’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Every parent, and caregiver, wants to give their children the best chance to succeed at life. Time and time again when speaking to early childhood educators they mention parents concern, and anxiety, of their children’s academic development in preschool. Did… Continue Reading >