Speaking to children about how to protect their body & their privacy can be an uncomfortable conversation for parents & children. However, it is an incredibly important conversation to have.

In Australia, state & territory governments have the statutory responsibility for protecting children from child abuse & neglect. However as there are separate jurisdictions between each state & territory this can result in some children “falling through the cracks”. Today, in particular we are specifically addressing children living in Rainbow Families (defined as any family with children in which there is one or more LGBTIQA+ parents) as one such demographic.

Today we speak with Karen Craigie, Prosper (Project Australia)’s Executive Director. Prosper (Project Australia) is a multi-award-winning community organisation founded to support disadvantaged children & their families; at home, at school & in the community.

Karen will speak about the unique Gap in child safety programming she had identified & how it has been addressed with a tailored protective behaviours program developed especially for children living in Rainbow Families.


We ask Karen questions including:

  1. How do Rainbow families face additional complexities in child safety, can you provide examples?
  2. What other challenges do children from Rainbow Families face?
  3. How are those complexities & issues not typically covered in traditional child protection programming?
  4. Why do you think it is important for parents to discuss child protection at home?
  5. Where do parents start? What are some simple protective behaviours strategies that parents can teach their children?
  6. How has Prosper made it easier for parents to have open discussions on this topic?


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For further information, visit: @prosperprojectaustralia @Prosper_Aus