Kids love to spend a lot of time in their toy rooms, so it’s particularly important to keep this area clean and tidy. They’ll be able to find everything they want, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the room is safe. From handy storage solutions to knowing how to get rid of mould (check Cleanipedia for tips), the guidelines below will help make this process simple.

1. Organising the toy room

An uncluttered toy room is a real joy, both for your kids and for you. Stay on top of things to preserve your sanity, as a well-organised toy room will be a well-used toy room. Here are five top tips to keep your playroom tidy and organised:

  • Use brightly coloured boxes for different toys: fun for the kids and makes it easier for them to recognise where each item is stored.
  • Think about things from your child’s perspective: get down to their eye level to figure out where their favourites should go, and store items that don’t come out quite as often in higher places.
  • Take the most advantage of the space you have: use a corner of the room as a reading space with a chair or soft pillows plus a low-height shelf with books; use another corner to place a small tent where they can relax and play inside; invest in a small clothes rail to hang all their costumes and any doll clothes as well.
  • Encourage and reward your kids for tidying: it might be an extra five minutes play or a treat – whatever works for you.
  • Tidy daily: it’s much quicker to put toys away at the end of each day than after a pile has built up.
  • Get rid of broken toys straight away: leave them and you’ll quickly have another box of bits and bobs, as well as very frustrated children.

2. Cleaning the toy room
Getting the toy room organised is one thing, but it’s also really important to make sure it’s clean. That means keeping floors and surfaces free from germs and wiping down toys, especially if you’ve got a youngster who loves putting them in their mouth.

Children’s immune systems are still developing, so reducing the amount of germs is really important in the toy room. These areas can be breeding grounds for mould too if they aren’t well ventilated, so make sure you know how to get rid of mould should it rear its ugly head.

Just follow these simple tips when cleaning toy rooms:

  • Always use gloves to protect yourself.
  • If you’re afraid to use strong chemicals to clean this room, lemon juice, white vinegar and baking soda are the natural options.
  • Move toys away from the area you’re cleaning and cover them if necessary.
  • Do it at a time when your kids aren’t going to be in the room for a good few hours.
  • Rinse thoroughly after to make sure all of the cleaning product is removed.
  • Air the room afterwards to get rid of any strong smells.
  • Don’t forget to remove any cleaning products from the room when you’re done, and to store them in a high place away from children. 

With a little knowledge and time, keeping your children’s toy room clean and organised is fairly easy. Once you’re done, you can sit back and relax whilst they play to their heart’s content!

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