Homebound Happiness for Cold Days

Winter is a season that naturally draws families closer, inviting us to spend more time together in the warmth of our homes. It’s the perfect time to engage in activities that foster connection and create cherished memories. From baking delicious… Continue Reading >

Exciting Educational Activities in Winter

Winter offers a wonderful opportunity for a variety of educational activities both indoors and outdoors. Here are some ideas: Winter Nature Walks Winter nature walks can be both educational and invigorating. Here’s how you can make the most of them:… Continue Reading >

Fun Mother’s Day Craft Activities for Kids

Favourite Gorilla Glue Mother’s Day craft activities to try by Zoe Gilpin (@thediydecorator)   DIY Rope Plant Pots What you need: Gorilla Clear Grip Gorilla Spray Adhesive Plant pots (plastic or ceramic) Rope of your choice Scissors Masking tape Optional:… Continue Reading >

Baby sensory activities you can do at home: A guide for new parents.

By Sarah James   Many babies born in 2021 missed out on important interactive and social experiences such as play groups, mothers groups and baby sensory classes due to Covid-19. Don’t worry Mum and Dad – your baby doesn’t have to miss… Continue Reading >

Choc-Free Easter Fun for Kids

Who says Easter has to be all about chocolate? Not my little explorer! While others dive into chocolate bunnies, we’re busy concocting a world of non-chocolate wonders that light up his Easter with giggles and surprises. Join the adventure of… Continue Reading >

Fun Easter Craft Activities for Kids

Favourite Gorilla Glue Easter craft activities to try by Zoe Gilpin (@thediydecorator) DIY Easter Hat What you need: Gorilla Super Glue Gel Gorilla Clear Glue Minis Straw hat (or similar) Decorative coloured rope Various Easter themed decorations Assorted faux floral… Continue Reading >

Benefits of being a fit and active parent

Let’s face it…. regardless of whether you’ve got one child, or a whole tribe of kids…. once they become mobile, you need to be on your toes and on the ready at all times! Not only are kids constantly on… Continue Reading >

5 Adventurous Easter Holiday Ideas that we Missed out on Last Year!

While so many Australians look forward to their cheeky break during the Easter holidays, to say last years was a disappointment would be true for so many people. Right before Easter last year, Australia went into lock down. Beaches were… Continue Reading >

Why children need to play – a teachers perspective

Being a teacher is not uncommon today to have a child in your class who is busier than you. They are at before school care at 7:30 am every morning, thrown into a range of structured activities, then into a… Continue Reading >

How Mindfulness and Creative Play Help Kids Cope with School

Modern-day kids are overscheduled, overstimulated and just plain overwhelmed.  There’s little time left for nurturing creativity, strengthening family relationships or to just relax and be present in a moment. The rise of family overwhelm. In recent times, family dynamics have… Continue Reading >