It won’t be long until school’s out for the year. While of course this means hours of warm, fuzzy family quality time together, you also don’t want boredom to creep in for the kids (need we say more). But once again, we at Springfree Trampoline have you covered!


Transform your backyard into the ultimate activity-central fun zone with these DIY ideas to get your kids moving, exploring and using their imaginations for hours of fun outside!


  1. Make your own bubbles

Ready for a blast from the past? Grab the dishwashing detergent and make your own bubbles with this easy recipe. Sure to provide hours of cheap fun and bring back fond memories as a kid!


  1. Slip n’ Slide 

Another Aussie classic, cool off on a hot day with a Slip n’ Slide! Follow this guide to make your own. Don’t forget the washing detergent for extra slippery fun!


  1. Create a treasure hunt with clues! 

‘X’ marks the spot! Pop some ‘treasure’ (like a toy, note or treat) in a plastic container, then bury it or hide it somewhere in the backyard. Then create a series of clues or a cryptic map of your backyard and watch the fun! You can make it as hard, or as easy as you like!


For a harder version, make your kids solve a series of riddles or clues – each revealing the location of the next clue, until they get to the final buried treasure! Or for littlies, you can make it simple by counting out the steps, drawing directions and pictures on a map or telling them where to search for each new clue!


  1. DIY mini-golf

Let your imagination run wild to create the ultimate DIY mini-golf course! It’s easier than you think! All you need are some simple household items like cups, toys and cereal boxes. Learn how to build your own with this guide by My Kids’ Adventures. You can often pick up cheap plastic golf club and ball sets from the cheap shop, or add to the hilarity by using whatever you can think of as clubs…. Broom mini golf is sure to provide hours of giggles!


  1. Twister on the lawn 

Grab your game of twister and take it outside. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, make your own with spray paint on the lawn. This is especially great for a backyard BBQ with plenty of kids! It doesn’t need to stop at twister – you could spray paint hopscotch or anything else easy you can think of on the lawn – you’re only limited by your imagination!


  1. Backyard picnic 

Spread out a blanket, make sandwiches and have some family time with a backyard picnic. Add some of these DIY games you’ve created to the agenda for more fun!


  1. Ring-toss 

Make your own quick and easy game of ring-toss. Use old soft drink or water bottles, give them a coat of paint and get ready for fun! Follow this guide from Woman’s Day. Bonus points: have the kids paint or decorate the bottles outside as a craft activity! Double the entertainment!


  1. Nature scavenger hunt

Get the kids exploring the backyard and running around in the fresh air with a nature scavenger hunt! Five Little Chefs has a great printable scavenger hunt list to get you started.


  1. Beanbag toss 

It’s easy to make your own beanbag toss game. Just grab some bowls, make up some score signs and set it up on the grass. Check out this cute monster beanbag toss game made out of cardboard from Crafty Carnival!


  1. Obstacle course

Want a bigger challenge? Get some exercise with a backyard obstacle course! Follow this guide to make your own by Martha Stewart.


  1. Trampoline fun

A backyard is more fun with a Springfree trampoline. You can jump, draw chalk art and more. Check out our list of 50 ways to use your Springfree trampoline!


  1. Giant ‘KerPlunk’ game

Get ready for a game of suspense and strategy! Learn how to make a giant game of ‘KerPlunk’ from tomato cages with this guide by Design Dazzle.


  1. Backyard camping 

Camping is a chance to get outside, breathe in the fresh air and have fun. Learn how to have a camping adventure right in your own backyard!


  1. Lawn bowling

There’s bowling, garden gnomes and recycling in this fun activity from Makezine. It even comes with a printable template so you can make the gnomes too! Get the instructions here.


  1. Hold a family carnival!

Set up the beanbag toss, ring-toss and invite the neighbours to a backyard carnival. Check out these 16 DIY carnival games by Tip Junkie!



We hope these DIY Backyard fun ideas give you and your kids hours of happy enjoyment and entertainment!


And for extra points, invite the kids to get crafty and decorate (or help set up) each of these DIY activities you try! You’ll get double the entertainment factor by turning the setup process into family craft activities! The only limit is your imagination! Enjoy!



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