As the world has been navigating the unpredictability of the pandemic, there is an increasing need to have hope and optimism for what the next year may bring, although there is a slight tinge of trepidation.

Approaching the year with a fresh slate is a wonderful way to start.

Is there space in your life for new experiences?

A lack of space can cause a roadblock on your Motherhood journey by wreaking havoc on your hormones, your relationships, your mental health, social wellbeing and even your connection to yourself.

How do you start to make room?

Physical Declutter

Let’s start with the physical declutter since the physical clutter leads to mental clutter.

As you begin to clear your physical place you will find that your mind begins to clear as well. When there is physical clutter in your space, your mind will be always actively searching for something else that needs to be done.

  • Take inventory of your life. What is working for you, what needs to go?
  • Take a good look at objects in your space – does it still make you happy? If not, donate, sell or give it away
  • Is there anything in your home that doesn’t serve a purpose other than taking up space?

Mental Declutter

  • Do you have constant mental chatter associated with Motherhood?
  • Are you finding yourself constantly multitasking throughout your day?
  • Write your thoughts down. You don’t have to store your to-do list in the back of your brain every day, to the point that it keeps you up at night. Jot your ideas down on a piece of paper or in the mental declutter section of Mama Healing Hub.
  • Stop multitasking and learn to focus on one job at a time.
  • Prioritise – does that email really need to be sent at 6am or can you enjoy some time to connect with yourself for 10 minutes instead?
  • Learn to meditate. Check out the meditation section of Mama Healing Hub
  • Consider doing a digital detox, even just for 24 to limit how much your mind is consuming.

Emotional Declutter

  • How are you coping emotionally in your Motherhood journey?
  • Do you have coping strategies when it starts to feel emotionally overwhelming?
  • Are there past relationships/childhood memories that resurface since becoming a Mother?
  • Are there current relationships in your life that are more toxic than they are good for you?
  • We all cope with the transition to Motherhood in a different way, however, if you find yourself emotionally struggling it’s time to seek support.
  • Book in with a psychologist or counsellor to address any childhood issues that could be getting in the way of healthy relationships, to help you through emotion or grief
  • Reconnect with your values and intentions
  • Call up a friend or loved one and practice vulnerability by speaking your truth – solidarity and validation of feelings is often enough

Social Declutter

Are you finding yourself exhausted once Monday rolls around? Every single week?

Are you saying yes to events and play dates even when your schedule is full to the brim?

Allowing yourself time to do “nothing” has a huge impact on not only your emotional well-being but also your physical well-being. In our fast-paced world, it is considered the norm and even praised to be busy all the time. – unfortunately, our health is the one who has to pay for those unrealistic social/lifestyle expectations we put on ourselves.

  • Learn to say no to invites when you’re not feeling up to them.
  • Make space in your calendar for ‘you time’. If you feel the need to schedule it, then do it, make it a non-negotiable.
  • Allow yourself time to do nothing. Rest is productive.

Once you have learnt to prioritise and declutter your physical, mental, emotional and social space, you will ultimately have more time for yourself. Time to connect to your inner self and your inner guidance.

There will be space for new.

“When you declutter – whether it’s in your home, your head or your heart – it is astounding what will flow into that space that will enrich you, your life, and your family.” – Peter Walsh