This holiday season instead of just letting the children have their usual fun of playing outside so why not make this year special for them and create memorable activities that would last. These activities do not require a lot of money to create and enjoy. Not all us can afford the luxury of a holiday break that needs a lot of traveling, shopping, and sleeping in hotels or resorts.

With just a little bit of imagination and fun, we can make our own memorable moments with the children while on this holiday. They grow up so fast so as much as possible we need to make every moment count. This summer we can create a few days of fun and enjoyment for the whole family. Something that the children will definitely appreciate even if they don’t realize it yet.

When we were young, we had our fond memories with our family that we still remember until now. These are the same memories we need to create with the children while they are still young. Time will always be against us, so make use of it now, for us to spend and share something great with the children.

Here are a few ideas we can share with you.

  1. Bicycle Ride

What a fun way to spend the day with the children by riding the bicycle just outside or maybe at the park. This is also the best for the children to learn how to ride the bicycle if this is their first time. You will have the much-needed exercise you have always wanted to do and you will not notice it because you are enjoying the time spent with the children.

  1. Picnic Time

From the preparation of the food, the packing of stuff and the things to do, you can already include the children in this process. They can help decide what you will bring for the picnic, help you prepare it in the kitchen, store and pack all the things needed and what other activities you can do while outside at the park. The children will appreciate that you giving them the opportunity to make decisions on their own and letting be the boss for this day.

  1. Do a Nature Walk

If it’s possible for you to have some time outside to appreciate nature and just have a walk around with the children then do so. You can just be outside and have some fresh air, go to a nearby lake and maybe try to some fishing. Nature can just be looking at trees, plants, and flowers in a green garden. The children will also learn a lot just be experiencing nature at it is.

  1. Being at the Beach

If the children like the water, then you can go to a beach and enjoy. Pack a beach blanket and a ball and go have fun in the sand. Create some sand sculptures, collect shells or just play ball and enjoy the sun.

  1. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Because its summer and one way for everybody to stay cool and have fun at the same time is to play with water. You can make some water balloons just by filling balloon them up with water or if you have water guns then use those as well. Run around, play with either the balloon or the water gun at your hand, and squirt that with one another. Isn’t this a good way to have fun.

  1. Make Homemade Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, so try to make a homemade pizza. Let the children decide what ingredients they want to put on the pizza, spread out the pizza sauce and decorate it with the toppings. Teach them how to pre-heat the oven and set the timer to make that perfect pizza for dinner.

  1. Plant a garden

If you have some space in the backyard, why not start a small garden of herbs and veggies. These will be easy to plant and will not take a lot of effort. I’m sure the children would love to dig up the soil and use a few gardening tools to help out.

  1. Create a Treasure Hunt

Just do it around the house and create a treasure hunt for them to be busy for the day. The children will follow the clues that you have made and will be excited to find the treasure that you have hidden somewhere. It will teach them to follow clues and to think hard to reach for their treasure. Reward them with something worth their effort.

  1. Educate yourself about their Video Games

This time let the children teach you about the video games they have been playing. Sometimes it also good to know that the children are good at something even if it’s just a video game. Children learn to improve their coordination, problem-solving skills, memory, and concentration while playing video games and why not try to learn it just this holiday break.

   10. Learn about the stars

This activity will require nighttime and a constellation book. You can all look up at the stars and learn which is which and the constellation it’s included in. The children might start appreciating the stars and learn the wonders of the galaxy from this activity.


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