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If you need school lunch box inspiration for 2020, then look no further than right here!

Whoever said packing lunch boxes is only a duty for Mum needs to read this—along with anyone who finds filling school lunch boxes a difficult, tedious and challenging task.

George Georgievski is the mastermind behind the online phenomenon School Lunch Box. George provides tens of thousands of parents around the globe with healthy eating ideas and daily food inspiration. Impressively, he was awarded the Most Inspiring Lunch Creator in the World’ by American Express Magazine. Go, George!

As a Stuck On You ambassador, George creates fun, healthy lunches every day using the Stuck On you Bento Box. George has climbed steadily in popularity, including impressive sales of his first book, Lunchbox Express, published in 2019.

His creative ideas have helped inspire children and parents alike to adopt healthy eating habits. Today, we ask George a few questions to provide motivation to get you through the first day back at school, all the way into term 4!


Q1-What are the benefits of Bento Boxes over standard lunch boxes?

The Stuck On You Bento is airtight, which means that it keeps all the fresh produce nice and crisp. I also pop the Bento in a Stuck On You Cooler Bag with an ice block to also keep everything cool.

The main benefits are that what my girls don’t eat at school they munch on in the car on the way home from school, meaning the Bento and Cooler Bag keep everything cool and fresh all day. They’re also personalised which means that they won’t lose them. 

Q2- What are your top 3 tips for creating a healthy and delicious Bento Box?

First tip: let the produce be the hero. Use the colours of the rainbow 🌈 in the form of fresh produce.

Second tip: the number 5—in each bento, I pop in 3 veggies and 2 fruits. By using this simple theory they’re assured to have all the nutrients and vitamins for their school day.

Third tip: bite-size. Cut the food into bite-sized pieces to make it easier for our little humans. My ravioli sandwiches are the ultimate bite-sized sandwiches that are also fun.

Q3- Should parents use a formula for each Bento Box by dividing carbohydrates, protein, fruit/vegetables? Are there any rules?

I believe there are no strict rules when it comes to Bentos. However, I do insert carbs in the form of sandwiches or pastry, 3 veggies and two fruits, dairy usually in the form of cheese, and a fun food like popcorn or pretzels.  I do make sure my girls have a good protein breakfast—usually eggs.

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Q4- How long should it ideally take a parent to pack a Bento Box? Any tips for cutting down the prep time?

I’ve got my Bento packing to about 5–7 minutes in the morning. My tip would be to do the shopping once a week. We do it on Sundays and when we get home, we wash all the fruit and veggies and pop them in airtight containers and put them in the fridge. That way they’re easier to access and they’re all washed which saves time in the morning.

Q5- What are some of the most common questions parents ask you?

How do you stop apples from going brown? How do you keep the produce cold? Where can I get a Bento like yours from?  They’re the three top questions that are literally asked daily. I do answer every question that is asked of me.

Q6- Adult Bentos—tell us why you love taking one to work for your lunch? What are the main benefits you have found using them?

I love my adult Bento creations, mainly to keep my portion control in order. It makes packing my lunch easier because of the separate compartments and there’s no cross-contamination. Basically, for the same reasons why my little humans love them, I do too.

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Q7 – Do your girls have favourite Bento Boxes you have packed for them? If so, what are they?

My DIY taco Bento is a huge hit—actually, it’s been a huge hit around the world! My girls love the fact they create their own taco; it gives them a sense of achievement.

Q8- We see you are a big coffee lover; do you have a coffee before you start packing every Bento Box?

Fact: I don’t do anything before coffee. I have two double-shot ristrettos and then a cup of pour-over Chemex using single-origin coffee beans. Without coffee, there would be no school lunches. Lol.

Q9 – What advice do you have for dads starting out on the lunch box packing journey?

Advice for dads would be to enjoy the process; not so much the packing of the lunches but spending that little time together with the little humans and talking about what they like and what they don’t like.

It’s an opportunity to learn more about the children and to create fun kitchen memories.  For me, knowing that each time my girls open their Bentos at school lunch they think of me.


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