6 Expert Tips for a Healthy Easter

From clinical nutritionist, blogger and author Jess Sepel Easter is traditionally a time for overindulging in chocolate eggs or other sweet treats, however this year there’s an even bigger focus on being with loved ones and looking after the wellbeing… Continue Reading >

The Battle of Breakfast

Breakfast for kids: I really wish it was a simpler topic, to be honest! Breakfast is an absolute rollercoaster in my house at the moment, with kids not eating and then wanting to eat as soon as we get in… Continue Reading >

Post-Natal Nutrition: Key Foods and Links to Sleep

When your pregnancy is over and you’re basking in the joy (and lack of sleep!) of your beautiful newborn, nutrition is likely the last thing on your mind. It’s often something that’s only thought of during pregnancy, around foods that… Continue Reading >

Making sandwiches great again

By FIAFitnation Head Nutrition Trainer and Nutritionist Sophie Scott   Since Atkins and keto arrived on the scene, carbs have been copping it and the humble sandwich was one of the first items on the chopping block. Yet it’s hard… Continue Reading >

Should I be eating for 3 when pregnant with twins?

If you’re reading this, I am guessing you are pregnant with twins! Congratulations! While this is a super exciting time, you may also be feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering ‘what should I be eating when pregnant with twins?’ Well,… Continue Reading >

Raising Healthy Plant-based Children

Are you a plant-based parent wondering how safe plant-based eating is for your child? Do you worry your child won’t eat enough nutrients for healthy growth and development? Accredited Practising Dietitian, Erika Hung, explains what you need to know. How… Continue Reading >

Plant-Based Proteins and Sustainable Sourcing: Top Food Trends to Watch in 2023!

As a Food Technologist, it’s always exciting to see what culinary delights and trends will emerge each year. Last year it was bite size portions and mini versions, old-school favourites and the infamous salmon rice bowl thanks to Emily Mariko’s… Continue Reading >

Nutritionist tips for a healthy plant-based diet for children

Plant-based eating offers a number of health benefits when done correctly, including improved long-term cardiovascular health and gut health, and can reduce your footprint on the environment! As the name suggests, plant-based eating focuses on eating foods/products which are of… Continue Reading >

Lunchbox Ideas for Picky Eaters

By Melanie Bouras, Senior Dietician at Youthrive   Knowing what to put in your child’s lunchbox can often be one of the most daunting tasks. Particular when you have a child with restricted eating behaviours due to Autism, ADHD, anxiety… Continue Reading >

3 Tips for COVID-19 Nutrition

With the growing concerns around the spread of COVID-19, we are more aware than ever of our own health and the health of loved ones. While following our local government guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19 is key, we… Continue Reading >