I often get my clients to do this as they are lying on the table with acupuncture pins in. I see a lot of pregnant women and the one thing that always helps with their state of mind (other than the pins of course!) is learning a little meditation.

If you see that word and think, that’s not for me, I can’t do that, please read on. It really is about focusing and mind control and that can have such a calming influence on your system. In the third trimester, it’s important to be able to have free-flowing energy (or Qi as I call it, being a Chinese Medicine praccie). One of the beautiful ways to do this is with your breath and your mind.

So as women are lying on the table, I guide them to breathe in and repeat to themselves “relax” on that in-breath and when they breath out, say “let go”. If they are 37 weeks or more, I would say something like “relax” on the in-breath or “soften” and on the out breath “open” (imagining their cervix softening and opening) or “move down” if baby isn’t engaged yet.

It’s a super simple yet powerful way to calm your system and train the mind to be focused and settled. Women love it. Our minds can be such toddlers most of the time, flitting here and there with thoughts, ideas and feelings. To be able to tame it with a technique like this is a good skill to work on.

The beautiful part about it is you can change the words when you become a parent and are having a hard time. On the in-breath you might say to yourself “I love you” (yes, to yourself! As you can be so hard on yourself as a new mum) and on the out-breath, you could say “let go” or “it will be alright” or “this too will pass”.

It’s a powerful skill to have up your sleeve and in time, one you can teach to your children too!

Being a Chinese medicine practitioner, I consider all aspects of my client’s health. So it’s not just the physical ailments they come in with, it’s the emotional ones too. It’s a wholistic medicine so you are always tending to the whole person, rather than just part of them. Treatments often involve many facets, acupuncture and herbs being one of them, meditation suggestions, food suggestions, exercise suggestions being other parts. That’s how we roll in Chinese medicine, it’s a wholistic journey.


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