Reading to baby

At what age should you start to read with baby? As soon as I found out I was pregnant I rushed out and bought a box set of Beatrix Potter stories. Throughout my pregnancy I read those and other books… Continue Reading >

Third Time’s a Charm — How to Prepare for Baby Number Three

By Flicka Williams “GeeGee’s mum, how do babies get in your tummy?” On a sizzling 38 degree day in Sydney — I was already sweating. Seven months pregnant with my third child, I sat in front of 17 preschoolers, including… Continue Reading >

Expert Tips To Determine If a Child is Ready to Start Primary School | Andrew Oberthur | Ep 166

  We’ve arrived at the point of the year where parents need to make the decision if their preschooler is ready to commence primary school next year, or not. This is determined by the cut-off dates for your state or… Continue Reading >

Age and Gender and School Readiness

“My son is born a couple of months prior to the cut off date for them to start school. I think I will give them a second year at kindy”. As a school principal I have heard these comments many… Continue Reading >

Ages, Stages, Sages

It’s becoming increasingly important in my life to recognise and acknowledge that as I go through different stages of my life that I need to surround myself with different Sage’s, who can support me as a mum, a woman and… Continue Reading >

6 Helpful Tips for Choosing Kids’ Toys This Christmas

Media kindly brought to you by Toyworld In what has been a unique and challenging year for families, kids need the magic of Christmas more than ever before. Toys are a fixture of Christmas Day and the hunt for the… Continue Reading >

Kid’s Climate Conversations

Sally Gillespie   Research shows that children and young people are anxious about climate issues, and for good reason. They are the generation who will be living with the consequences of a climate altered planet. While it is understandable that… Continue Reading >

Baby carriers, what parents need to know

There’s a lot of different types of baby carriers: There are carriers, which are sometimes called pouches. These are usually soft semi-structured carriers that allow baby to face in, and then graduate to other carrying positions including forward facing and… Continue Reading >

The impact of ‘Reading Aloud’ to children

 from a teacher’s perspective  Written by Jennifer Rennie for Reading Out of Poverty Foundation.   ‘Reading Aloud’ is the road to being literate, construction of language for a child begins from a very early age and exposure is key. Children… Continue Reading >

7 reasons why people may fall pregnant with twins or triplets

Are you pregnant and starting to freak out about the thought of having more than one baby in your belly? Or excited about the thought of potentially having more than one baby in your belly? It is definitely a time… Continue Reading >