Now that the majority of us are home in self-isolation, this begs the question, ‘How do you keep the kids busy and entertained?’

Each of the 5 activities we share can be adapted for children of all ages.

These are helpful ideas to entice the kids away from watching YouTube Kids and creating new videos on TikTok. Also, understanding also that not everyone has continuous accesses to the internet but are still in need of activities to keep the kids entertained.

Georgie Doherty is a qualified art teacher, educator and the founder of Mini Monet Art School, a brand-new sensory program designed to help mums engage with their children through art and play.

Georgie is also mum to Eve, a one in a million baby who was born with a rare genetic condition called Interstitial Lung Disease and severe Pulmonary Hypertension. She is an advocate for lung research and awareness, hoping to inspire others with her story and journey into motherhood.


We ask Georgie questions including

  1. Why is creativity important for children?
  2. What are your top tips for keeping kids engaged in an art activity?
  3. How can I make art activities less messy?
  4. Do I need to buy a heap of art supplies?


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