If you looking for some fun ideas to keep the kids busy and engaged whilst staying home to stay safe you’re in the right place.

One thing a lot of us may be forgetting during this stressful time is that children’s creativity and imaginations are geared to play and create.

Children learn through play.

When playing and creating we only need to provide a few essential core ingredients to begin with to provide an open-ended play experience. With a few simple ingredients that we provide, and with their imagination children can, and do, create inspirational stuff.

Here are 170 ideas to keep and your little ones entertained and engaged together.

Remember the challenges we’re facing won’t last forever.

Embrace this time,  the special moments created during the stay at home era will soon become treasured times. It’s these moments that create memories that children will talk about with their children and handed down through their families for generations to come.


  1. Hand make birthday cards for friends and family
  2. Post a handwritten letter to Grandparents, friends and family
  3. Everyone loves an indoor picnic – invite all your favourite teddy bears
  4. Create a bucket list of things to do after the quarantine period
  5. Create play ideas with a washing basket
  6. Make a DIY pet toy
  7. Have a 70’s Fancy Dress Dance Party
  8. Cooking something – take turns to prepare and make meals
  9. Bake cakes and cookies
  10. Build a cubby house using blankets and pillows and chairs
  11. Have a movie day and make your own popcorn
  12. Bring out the old board games
  13. Paint a picture
  14. Learn origami
  15. Make your own puppet and put on a puppet show
  16. Play hide and seek
  17. Make paper aeroplanes
  18. Read out loud
  19. Make your own play-dough
  20. Dig up the old jigsaw puzzles
  21. Indoor scavenger hunt – give kids a list or if children to young draw pictures for them
  22. Put on some music and make up a dance
  23. Make papier mache creations
  24. Colour in colouring books
  25. Play balloon volleyball
  26. Make an indoor obstacle course
  27. Good old fashioned card games – Go Fish, Snap
  28. Create a Tik Tok dance video
  29. Learn a magic trick and put on a show
  30. Draw with chalk on the driveways or nature-strip
  31. Make your own jewellery using beads and string
  32. Write a poem
  33. Plant a vegetable garden
  34. Learn to speak basic phrases in another language
  35. Wash the car
  36. Go hunting for bugs
  37. Play twister
  38. Do chalk drawings on concrete
  39. Make mud pies
  40. Learn to read and write basic phrases in another language
  41. Create a playlist
  42. Have a water fight
  43. Have a picnic lunch outside the house
  44. Camp in the backyard
  45. Create a family tree picture
  46. Play ball games
  47. Jump on the trampoline
  48. Play Frisbee
  49. Ride your bike or scooter
  50. Have an 80’s Fancy Dress Dance Party
  51. Make your own bubble mixture
  52. Play hopscotch
  53. Run through the sprinkler
  54. Make and fly your own kit
  55. Create DIY toy parachute
  56. Do an online yoga class
  57. Make your own wind chimes
  58. Make a bowling alley with plastic toys plastic bottles and use socks rolled up as ball
  59. Have a disco and play music from 2000 to 2010
  60. Play dress up
  61. Do bath paints
  62. Create a car ramp
  63. Play the potato walk
  64. Create shadow puppets
  65. Make a scrapbook
  66. Do animal charades
  67. Do jumping jacks and count who does the most
  68. Play pantyhose bowling
  69. Go through old photos and recreate them
  70. Paint on smooth stones and rocks
  71. Create DIY Race Track on the floor
  72. Organise your book shelves
  73. Help them clean up their rooms
  74. Learn to braid hair
  75. Make a thankful jar
  76. Practice spelling
  77. DIY doll house
  78. Make slime
  79. Fold coloured paper and cut them in different things
  80. Create a workout session and do it together
  81. Try to listen to kid’s podcast
  82. Go through their toys and pick ones to give to charity
  83. Create clothes for toys using old clothes
  84. Write letters to friends
  85. Learn to knit
  86. Have a 90’s fancy dress dance party
  87. Create DIY tissue box monsters
  88. Face Painting
  89. Listen to Audiobooks
  90. Do a fancy dress party using old clothes
  91. Play red light, green light
  92. Complete a puzzle
  93. Create a salt volcano
  94. Make a cardboard fort
  95. Paint leaves
  96. Video chat family members
  97. Learn about insects
  98. Try some STEM activities
  99. Practice another language
  100. Play a foot race
  101. Teach the kids about your favourite bands and music
  102. Cook a special meal for Mum and Dad
  103. Blow bubbles
  104. Create a schedule for the everyday routine
  105. Create a science experiment
  106. Do virtual field trips
  107. Teach kids to recycle
  108. Exercise together
  109. Learn to draw like a pro
  110. Play the listening game
  111. Hand make Christmas cards for friends and family
  112. Create a touch and feel box
  113. Make fake snow
  114. Do handprint art
  115. Build a cardboard castle
  116. Make your own superhero costume
  117. Do a family chores together – maybe for extra pocket money to spend on e-bay
  118. Cookie cutter painting
  119. Take a walk around the block – count the rainbows or teddy bears in the windows
  120. Build an outdoor cubby
  121. Play Footy
  122. Play Basketball/Netball – count how many goals in 5 minutes
  123. Make a fairy garden
  124. Plant spring seedlings and bulbs
  125. Make homemade cards and post to special family and friends
  126. Help Mum sort out the washing
  127. Help feeding pets
  128. Set up a play store
  129. Have a tea party
  130. Build your own game
  131. Play the pillow case race
  132. Learn about a country
  133. Do brain teasers
  134. Create homemade bookmarks
  135. Tell jokes
  136. Give each other makeovers
  137. Play Mirror, Mirror
  138. Create a map of the house
  139. Puzzle Piece Hunt
  140. Play with bubble wrap
  141. Indoor Hide and Seek
  142. Create art from recyclables
  143. Cardboard box colouring
  144. Play the racing pompom balls
  145. Learn about history
  146. Create a pool noddle house
  147. Cotton ball painting
  148. Play pillow sumo wrestling
  149. Balloon Stamp Paint
  150. Create homemade musical instruments
  151. Do a paper clip chain
  152. Play connect the dots
  153. Toothbrush splatter painting
  154. Melted crayon art
  155. Make a telescope with cardboard cylinders
  156. Paper bag mask
  157. Tissue paper flowers
  158. Yarn or wool wrapped around a vase
  159. Put fruit into ice cubes
  160. Play with Jelly
  161. Shoot indoor baskets with old newspaper balls
  162. Make necklaces with breakfast cereal/pasta
  163. Create a mini golf course
  164. Window painting
  165. Redecorate the room
  166. Make something out of paper towel rolls
  167. Play bingo with words
  168. Make bucket stilts and walk around the house
  169. Leg Wrestling
  170. Skip rope – count the jumps

What would you add to this list?


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