A son’s first hero and daughters first love is their Dad.

He can play like a kid, give advice like a friend and protect like a bodyguard.

Despite how much they are loved many of us can find it difficult to show our Dads how much we really love and appreciate them.

If you’re one that struggles to show your Dad how much you love him here are a few ideas to help you out. They are not too obvious and would most definitely be heartwarming.

We hope they help…

  1. Ask him anything. Ask him about his childhood, his first job, or anything that has something to do with him growing up. Ask him for advice. Dads love being needed. Ask him anything that he wants to share to you and he will see that you have real respect for him and what he knows.
  1. Make the time. Make use of the time you have with him. Making time for him will make him really feel important to you.
  1. Respect and keep tradition. Carry on the traditions that he did for you in the past. These are important in keeping memories and making new ones.
  1. Make him his favorite meal. Cooking for your Dad could be another way to express your love for him. Find a recipe for his favorite meal and then eat it with him. He would definitely appreciate the gesture.
  1. Take photos of you together. Photos help in keeping old memories stored. A photo of you with him would help you remember those fun time you had together. It will help reminisce memories that you feel nostalgic about. Take pictures of you with him whenever you can and keep them so that you could always relinquish the moments when you want to.
  1. Go to the shops with him. Shop with your Dad this father’s day. Help him choose and buy the things he needs. Even Dads need a few things for their daily activities, be it a tie, a good shirt or pants for work. This will help you bond and spend more time with him.
  1. Watch his favorite TV show together. Dads usually have a favorite show. Either it be a sports show or a TV series, it would be wonderful if you could watch it with him. You would both have fun criticizing the game or the plot of the story.
  1. Go out on a walk together. Walk with your Dad when you both have the time. Long walks will help you enjoy the physical activity as you share stories together about your life and about his.
  1. Laugh at his jokes. No matter how silly or corny his jokes are, he would appreciate a good laugh. You may have heard of them before but a good laugh would give him a good feeling and a sense of humour. 
  1. Challenge him to a game. If your dad is the sporty type who likes to sweat it out, why not challenge him with his favorite game like, maybe, basketball. It will be so much fun, shooting hoops with him at the local basketball court as he shows you his moves and skills.

Father’s day is just one day out of 365 in a year. Be sure to spend it really well with him.

We would love for you to add some ideas to this list as we know you have your own. Go on and tell us, what do you love doing with your Dad?


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