Only a Mother’s Love

We’ve all heard this a million times, read it on everything from baby food to nappies, laundry powder to prams. Don’t even get me started on the greeting cards that can still bring me to tears like a kid who’s… Continue Reading >

Surviving a New Baby in the Pandemic

Becoming a new parent during this pandemic has certainly added some challenges to a time that is already a steep learning curve. For many new parents they have had reduced face to face antenatal visits, childbirth education classes and other… Continue Reading >

Supportive Tips For Dads With Newborn Babies | Belinda Joyce | Ep 170

  Fatherhood and newborns, a topic not nearly covered enough. Providing new Dads with practical emotional and social support is something that we can consciously become better at achieving, and purposefully do much more of. It’s not uncommon that when… Continue Reading >

How to Prepare Your Parenting Mindset | Dr Scott Zarcinas | Ep 154

  If you’re dad-to-be with a baby on the way, and or wanting to start a family, this interview is for you. Today we speak with Dr. Scott Zarcinas (aka DoctorZed) who shares tips on how you can prepare your… Continue Reading >

The Importance of Dads

Dads are often left out of the pregnancy care and early parenting because they don’t carry the baby and because they often have to go back to work in the early weeks after the birth.  But Dads are so very… Continue Reading >

10 Ways to show your Dad you love him on Father’s day

A son’s first hero and daughters first love is their Dad. He can play like a kid, give advice like a friend and protect like a bodyguard. Despite how much they are loved many of us can find it difficult to… Continue Reading >

How many Dads are you celebrating this Father’s Day?

Raising a young family and divorcing was a tumultuous and difficult time. During the divorce process, my children were incredibly fortunate to have so many amazing men step-up and care for their emotional and mental wellbeing. Enlisting the help and… Continue Reading >

Postnatal Anxiety – Recognizing it and shifting it

Fiona Rogerson It’s like a nervous energy running through your entire body.  The often relentless, unending worry and concern about everything, anything and nothing.  It doesn’t slow down, and often feels like it’s bigger than you… taking over and leaving… Continue Reading >

Do Dads get postnatal depression?

Fiona Rogerson   Yes.  Dads do experience postnatal depression.  In fact, dads also experience prenatal anxiety and/or depression (anxiety and depression during the period of pregnancy), and postnatal anxiety (after the birth of baby).  Most of us know that depression… Continue Reading >

Man Camp

My son was 13 years old when we went on a camp to mark his transition into manhood. He was starting to want to isolate as a teenage boy and our communication was really limited. He was dragged kicking and… Continue Reading >