Once you welcome home the arrival of your newborn there is a process of adjusting to your new life & establishing a new sense of normal.

Whilst it is expected that parents will experience exhaustion, sleep-deprivation & general feelings of worry and concern, it’s worthwhile to have an understanding of what is considered normal levels of unhappiness & what could be considered a little more serious.

That said, we’re here today to discuss Postal Natal Depression to shed light on this very important topic with our special guest Heather Lindsay. Heather is a registered nurse & parenting coach who specialises in working with mothers with post natal depression.


We ask Heather questions including:

  1. What is postnatal depression (PND) & how can a new mum recognise the early signs?
  2. Are the baby blues & PND the same thing?
  3. How would a mum know if she is suffering from post natal depression?
  4. What should mums do if they think they have perinatal depression or anxiety?
  5. Can post natal depression be treated? If so, how?
  6. Why is it important to talk about our experiences with perinatal depression & anxiety?
  7. How should a mother with PND best respond to their baby when they are stressed?
  8. What things can mums do on a daily basis to help support their recovery from perinatal depression and anxiety?


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