Today we’re doing something a little different, an open discussion with a Mum about her experiences with Post Natal Depression (PND) and the strategies she used in supporting her recovery.

This is in the hope it will support parents facing similar challenges and to testify that recovery is always possible with the right support and advice.

To share her deeply moving and personal story we welcome our special guest Josephine Smyth, a mother who experienced post natal depression twice each after the birth of her two children.

Since recovering, Josephine uses her experience to raise awareness, reduce shame and stigma and encourages affected people to seek help through her social enterprise ‘Smiling after PND’.

We ask Josephine questions including:

  1. What is Post Natal Depression?
  2. Perinatal, antenatal and postnatal depression – whats the difference?
  3. Depression during pregnancy and early parenthood doesnt just affect new mums – dads are also at risk too, what can you tell us about this?
  4. How did your experience make you a healthier, happier person?
  5. Can you suffer with PND without a family history of depression?
  6. What were the early signs of your PND that may help parents facing the same challenges identify the same?
  7. How did you overcome these feelings?
  8. You had great support from friends and family, how did this help you at the time?
  9. You’ve mentioned you were afraid to be alone with your own thoughts, can you expand?
  10. How to parents know if they are just exhausted, and if it’s not PND?
  11. You’ve mentioned that you experience PND with both of your children. How was your experience different the second time round?

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