I’m reading this amazing book called Mental Diets, by a guy called Neville Gottard.  I am a bit of a bookworm when it comes to self-growth and personal development.  Not just because it’s my chosen career but I have a deep love affair with unique ways of thinking.  This book is 18 pages long so it’s not a lengthily book but it does make you think.  It’s about the inner conversations we have, our self-talk and how that affects the life we live and our perception of things in life.  It forms the way we react or respond to situations and how others treat us because how we feel about ourselves is how others treat us, usually subconsciously.


I’ve come to create my own analogy about what we feed our mind in respect to our bodies.  I like fitness, I like being healthy and I know that what I put into my body will give my body performance long term or will make it sluggish short term.  I fuel my body now for my tomorrow and the rest of my tomorrows.   So, why shouldn’t we be doing that for our minds?  Feeding them goodness today for our tomorrows and the tomorrows after that.


What we put into our bodies run deep.  Deep into our veins, deep into the cells that make up “us”.  This we know.  We know that a teaspoon of sugar triggers an immediate cascade of reactions – insulin is secreted and the adrenals fire into action.  In the long term, dozens, hundreds and thousands of teaspoons of sugar can have enormous consequences.  Diabetes, anyone?  Fancy chronic inflammation, mood swings?


So, what of the mind?  Just how deep does the information we register to run?  What happens in the brain and nervous system when we tell ourselves we suck?  What happens when we eat up enough self-sabotage?  How does your mind feel when it gets a compliment?  What happens with our minds when we act on those thoughts?


I truly believe that what we do with our minds run deep, and our mental diets matter.  We exercise for wellness, emotional balance, keeping weight in check and longevity for our life and we back it up with good, nutrient rich foods for daily push’s – We need to become more conscious of where our attention foes in our thoughts and with our self-talk and energise it daily with new speech, new vocabulary and breed success in the mind too.  Our self-concept is actualised by our inner conversations, ever moment of the day and with over 60,000 thoughts in one day, we have to be aware of what they are in order to set our future up in the way we think only dreams are made of.


Personal Trainer and Nutritionists ask their clients to keep “food journals” to get an accurate understanding of exactly what their daily and weekly diet consists of.  Perhaps you could do the same and keep a log of what you fill your head with.  It’s my experience that when we obtain a clear view of our mental diet, we tend to make more conscious choices.  No one wants to live in the mental equivalent of a fast-food-chain.


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