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Merendi Health

Every woman is looking for the secret to “eternal youth”, but many don’t realise that you have the secret without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to make your body look good.

It is exercise.

To keep you feeling good on the inside, lose extra kilos and ensure your organs are healthy I suggest participating in a minimum of 30min cardiovascular exercises every day. When you feel fit and ready you can increase this time and increase the intensity too. Some e.g. of good cardio workouts are stair climbing, walking up hills, riding a bike, and swimming.

However, this is not the only way to keep yourself looking and feeling young. Many women don’t realise that you need some ‘resistance-based exercise’ to keep your muscles strong and toned. The last thing a woman wants is sagging body parts.

You can keep your muscles toned and you can also stay young-looking with exercises.

Some swear by ‘facial exercises’ to prevent wrinkles, crows’ feet and other signs of aging. Face toning exercises are found to be the best for those who wish to have glowing skin. Exercising the facial muscles allows the skin to get adequate amounts of oxygen to keep it healthy while more nutrients are delivered to the skin cells as your blood flow increases towards the face. Laughing, frowning, smiling, raising eyebrows, and moving the jaw up and down and sideways are all forms of exercise.

The neck is another area that can be prone to wrinkling and most of the time, women will accidentally overlook caring for their neck. Even if a woman’s face looks young, her real age can be obvious when you look at her neck. Apparently, most of the wrinkles women get are in the neck region, especially as we get older. Neck exercises such as chin tucks & stretches can help minimize wrinkling in the neck and help women look younger.

However, please note that exercising alone won’t minimise ageing you need to avoid too much sun exposure as this can damage your skin and also remember to drink this is not the only thing that you have to do because there are a lot of other things needed to prevent aging and wrinkling. Avoid too much sun exposure as free radicals can ruin the skin and always ensure that you drink lots of water all the time.

Exercises to improve the bust size and prevent sagging

  • perform chest exercises such as push-ups, bench presses or flyweights. Also, some Yoga or Pilates exercises can help strengthen your chest muscles and tone the look of your breasts.  While it doesn’t actually do anything to the breast, it can make the entire area more defined. These exercises will act as a preventative measure against getting saggy breasts.
  • Back exercises may help alleviate some back pain associated with having larger breasts. By strengthening your back muscles, you will be able to support your chest without odd leaning and posture. Many women develop their breast/chest area quickly and therefore their back muscles are weaker and often lack the strength to support the growing chest. Ensure you include some back-specific exercises such as low rows to help compensate for the strength gains made in the chest area. Exercising both the chest and upper back will also help improve your posture.
  • Work on your posture. Again, while it doesn’t actually change the breast shape itself, it will make your chest look even better, as you will be holding your upper body better and using less energy to sit or stand correctly

Exercises to give you legs & bum to die for

Of course, part of looking and feeling young is having legs & bum to die for! All women can have wonderful looking legs & bottom if they perform the following exercises.

  • Step-ups are great for the legs & butt and not only do they tone everywhere it is also a great cardio workout too. Step-ups work all areas of the leg & gluteals (bottom) at the same time. You can either find a set of stairs you can walk up and down or buy yourself an exercise stepper. Even a park bench can be utilised as a ‘high step’ for an even harder workout.
  • Lunges are another great exercise that works the entire leg & gluteals. You can perform either walking lunges (if you have a large enough area) or stationary lunges (remember to swap legs to ensure both legs get a good workout.
  • You can add ankle weights to your legs will help make them tone faster. Remember not to add too heavyweight as your legs could end up more muscular than you’re hoping for. You can also perform thigh exercises with ankle weights such as Abductor/Adductor exercises (lying on your side and raising one leg up).
  • Squats are also great for your legs & bottom. You get the most work done in pushing back up because you are pushing the full weight of your body through your legs and buttocks.

These five tips will guarantee you lovely legs & toned buttocks, which make all women feel younger. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be physically done to make them longer, but if they look good, others will think they’re long enough.

Exercises to give you arms to die for

  • Triceps are often the forgotten muscle as everyone, in particular women are preoccupied toning their tummies and bottoms.
  • Wide grip push-ups to a certain degree can help tone your triceps, but this exercise is designed to work on your pectoral muscles that are hidden under your breasts, however, if you move your hands closer together you will feel the ‘burn’ more in your triceps,
  • To tone up your triceps you need to do what I call isolation exercises for the triceps such as tricep dips, tricep kickbacks, overhead tricep extension, and shoulder press.