It can be really overwhelming learning to cook allergy friendly or gluten free at first. My biggest piece of advice is to find some recipes that suit your restrictions and start there. You can modify your old family favourite recipes once you get the hang of how the new ingredients you’re working with combine with each other.

When replacing eggs, I’d never recommend a recipe that calls for more than two eggs. Stick to recipes that have one or two and find a suitable egg replacer for the recipe. You can get more details here from this blog post I did and there’s a handy chart you can download.

Once you understand how the ingredients work, it’s easy to get good results with gluten free flour. They all work differently though and you’ll get better results if you blend them correctly. Check out this blog post where I go through all of the various flours and there is a recipe to make your own flour blend as well. (link:

Now if you do have a fail, (and I’ve had plenty haha) use it as an opportunity to think about what happened and try and work out why so you don’t make the same mistake again. I’d also recommend you try and re-use your fail. I’ve made plenty of great cake pops and fruit crumble toppings from dodgy cakes and biscuits and the kids like it just as much. They probably even preferred the cake pops! I’ve written a blog post on this topic that will give you some ideas. (link:

We’ve got lots of recipes on our blog at Happy Tummies and there are heaps of other great blogs around for inspiration. These are some of my favourites:

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