We all know parents have rigorous and hectic daily schedules.

For many parents, the morning is a flurry of activity and it’s not until the 9am school bell sounds that they can stop to catch their breath.

While it can be easy to put your foot on the metaphorical accelerator, Clinical Psychologist Jo Lamble believes parents should slow things down.

Here, Jo shares her tips on how parents can make the most of their mornings: 

  • Rise early

All parents can relate to the frantic bustle that is a weekday morning, but by rising five to ten minutes earlier, you can squeeze a bit of ‘me time’ into your routine.  Place your alarm on the other side of the room so the snooze button is out of reach.

  • Find solitude

It can be hard to collect your thoughts when you’re chasing after children, but scientific research has found that a couple of minutes of solitude bring great benefits. Academic research has shown that a moment alone in the morning can help improve concentration and productivity.

  • Do something you love

Make your morning something worth looking forward to by planning something pleasurable. This could be watching the sunrise, turning on a playlist that inspires you, or sipping on your favourite coffee. Nespresso research found that coffee is an integral part of the morning ritual for almost two-thirds of Australians (64%) and that without a coffee moment, 34% are more likely to avoid stressful situations and making important decisions.

  • Get prepared

As a parent, you’re not only in charge of your own schedule, but your children’s too. When you rise in the morning, create a to-do list that includes everything from your appointments to your children’s sports training or music lessons. If you’ve jotted everything down, you’ll feel more prepared for the day ahead.

  • Be active

The early morning is a great time to pound the pavement or stretch out tired muscles. Exercise boosts your feel-good hormones and energises your body and mind, leaving you ready to take on the day.

  • About the Research

The study was conducted on the Galaxy Online Omnibus between Thursday 26 May and Sunday 29 May 2016. The sample was 1,000 Australians nationwide aged 18 years and older, distributed across Australia. 

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