Organisation, key to a smooth winter

With winter well and truly underway, temperatures dropping, rain settling in, and still a few months to go before spring, being organised is key to a stress-free and smooth winter. Of course, there are always unplanned events and unforeseen circumstances… Continue Reading >

3 Ways to Stop Binge Eating and Gain Food Freedom

Are you sick and tired of raiding the fridge and pigging out, then hating yourself for doing so?  Or maybe you eat out of boredom and you don’t know how to stop?  Binge eating is when a person eats an… Continue Reading >

From Meh to Magic!

By Krissy Regan The Wellness Poet The truth is not every day is our best day!  There are just days when you wake up tired, burn-out, fed up and feeling blah! Maybe you feel Meh – an expression of indifference… Continue Reading >

Reducing Pressure

As a Doctor, I am seeing a huge rise in the amount of pressure being felt by parents. As a parent myself, it makes me feel very sad because the people who are pressured are doing such a great job… Continue Reading >

Crisis Fatigue

I have Crisis Fatigue  So, what is this condition?  Well, it is not a real documented medical condition but has been discovered that it can cause stress, low motivation, depression, hopelessness, exhaustion, and mental overload. See my go at a dictionary definition below.  Noun  Being inundated with constant disasters… Continue Reading >

Top 10 tips to ease your child’s separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is common among children of all ages. It’s the normal fear expressed when removed from their mothers or caregivers. It starts as early as 7 months and continues, but we can help ease out that feeling as early… Continue Reading >

How to strengthen your pelvic floor post birth

By Jen Dugard   If you’ve had a baby someone has likely told you that you need to ‘strengthen your pelvic floor’. Technically they’re not wrong, however, there are some things that are incredibly helpful to become aware of to… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for People to Boost their Wellbeing this Spring

Teresa Cutter aka The Healthy Chef It’s been a tough year for everyone and our emotional wellbeing has suffered as a result. I think some people often underestimate the important role of diet when trying to uplift themselves – it… Continue Reading >

Difficult Times – How We Can Best Teach Our Kids at Home

Susan Spelic (Teacher and Author)   It’s a tough time around the Globe. Let’s all take a big deep breath and think about what is important. As a mum I think mental health at this stressful is the most important… Continue Reading >

6 fun ways to keep you & the kids active during quarantine

Being stuck in the house with the kids, who are often glued to their devices can be a challenge. Kids need to move on a regular basis and so do you. Exercise is vital in our current situation with Coronavirus… Continue Reading >