Crisis Fatigue

I have Crisis Fatigue  So, what is this condition?  Well, it is not a real documented medical condition but has been discovered that it can cause stress, low motivation, depression, hopelessness, exhaustion, and mental overload. See my go at a dictionary definition below.  Noun  Being inundated with constant disasters… Continue Reading >

Top 10 tips to ease your child’s separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is common among children of all ages. It’s the normal fear expressed when removed from their mothers or caregivers. It starts as early as 7 months and continues, but we can help ease out that feeling as early… Continue Reading >

How do I get my child to swallow a tablet?

Your child is unwell and you need to get them to take the medicine the Dr has prescribed- BUT you find out that it only comes in tablet/capsule form. You wonder- How am I ever going to get my child… Continue Reading >

3 Ways to Stop Binge Eating and Gain Food Freedom

Are you sick and tired of raiding the fridge and pigging out, then hating yourself for doing so?  Or maybe you eat out of boredom and you don’t know how to stop?  Binge eating is when a person eats an… Continue Reading >

Organisation, key to a smooth winter

With winter well and truly underway, temperatures dropping, rain settling in, and still a few months to go before spring, being organised is key to a stress-free and smooth winter. Of course, there are always unplanned events and unforeseen circumstances… Continue Reading >

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most complaints we hear from people in our psychology practice is difficulty sleeping. It may be difficulty getting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep, waking up too early, or simply feeling fatigued. Well I wanted to share with… Continue Reading >

How Mindfulness Activities Can Empower Children’s Well-Being and Creativity

In our post-pandemic world, the well-being of our children has taken on even greater importance. As parents, we all want the very best for our kids. We want them to grow up happy, healthy and prepared to tackle life’s challenges… Continue Reading >

Parentmedic First Aid Travel Tips

  Be prepared We know the list just gets longer and longer but more importantly than throwing in the 20th toy or teddy, is to think about any first aid items and products that you may need while you’re away…. Continue Reading >

Five top tips to help kids fall asleep on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is just days away and whilst children are super excited, many parents are worried about how they’re going to get their kids off to sleep. Thankfully, sleep expert and founder of Kally Sleep, Ori Leslau, has put together… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for People to Boost their Wellbeing this Spring

Teresa Cutter aka The Healthy Chef It’s been a tough year for everyone and our emotional wellbeing has suffered as a result. I think some people often underestimate the important role of diet when trying to uplift themselves – it… Continue Reading >