So yesterday was a hard day. As usual, my kids wouldn’t listen to me. (When do they ever) but with Isabelle’s birthday coming up on the weekend I was trying to get things organised and get the house clean and tidy and put stuff away.

Anytime I asked them to do something they either just blatantly ignore me or yell no at me. And I admit I do have my moments where I snap. I yell back. It’s so frustrating having this little person with a massive attitude just scream at you when you’ve been talking to them nicely or asking them to do something to either help you or to help them.

Simple things like putting shoes on so we can leave the house on time. Going to the toilet before we go. Packing up their mess. Having the same arguments daily. You get over it. I know it’s not the best way to handle it but sometimes it actually works and they listen, sometimes they actually take you seriously because they see that you’ve snapped, you’ve had enough.

I often wonder if our neighbours can hear me, yelling at the kids. But last night I finally sat down by myself to binge watch my show before I went to bed. I could hear voices outside. I could hear kids running around and a mum starting to yell. Our neighbours yelling at their kids and as I sat here listening to it my immediate reaction was omg I can’t believe she’s yelling like that. But then I stopped myself and I thought wow I wonder if that’s how I sound. Then I realised, I don’t know what she been dealing with all day. Maybe she’s been asking her kids to do the same thing 40 times that day as I have. Maybe she’s dealt with one too many shitty undies or nappies or her kids were up all night and she didn’t get any sleep.

Maybe she hasn’t eaten because her kids couldn’t give her 2 mins alone to make herself some food. Maybe her boyfriend/partner/husband has been a total a**h*** to her and tipped her over the edge. My point is how often do you hear or see something like this and instantly think I don’t yell at my kids like that or I can’t believe she’s screaming at her kids like that. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Next time you see or hear a mum telling her kids off instead of judging her keep going about your day. Don’t stop and judge. Offer some help if you can/feel comfortable to do so. Be kind, don’t judge.


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