By Rachel Favilla


Fellow Australians, what we need right now is a good laugh and the uplifting atmosphere of a campfire sing-a-long.

In light of the recent Bushfires, I feel that lighting any sort of fire would be in poor taste.

I also can’t play the guitar and even if I could, it would have to be via a Facebook Live because we can’t have our boganesque Aussie gatherings and practise social distancing too.

As a comedic nutritionist and yoga teacher, it is my professional responsibility to provide you with science-back information about how to stay well and calm in the most thigh-slappingly hilarious way possible. I’m also a sucker for a good tune.

Embrace your inner T Swift and join me for something far beyond your ‘wildest dreams’ whilst maintaining your peace of mind. Then share this article with your friends. Heck, sing it with your kids. And your kid’s friends. All the people.

A community sing-a-long in front of the computer screen. Like a musical campfire gathering, but for the digital, socially-distanced age.

If you join me over on YouTube, I have recorded my own cover of the parody below. If you like this jingle, check out The Twelve Days of COVID, the perfect theme-song for those enduring self-isolation. Also, on my site and Facebook page I’m regularly posting goofy jingles and poems to get us through this trying time with hope, health and humour. From the heart of my bottom, enjoy this evidence-backed parody.


We’ve been told, we cannot leave town

Stay in the city,

Don’t go out in crowds

We have got to stay calm right now

This won’t be forever


It doesn’t have to take us down

So, stand tall

You gotta stay well

Don’t fall for this fearful spell

This will soon end, and we will win

Until then please try this.


Foods with vitamin C

Yoga to help de-stress

Learning to live with less, babe

Soup with sautéed leeks

Leaning on your loved ones

Trying to still have fun

Be compassionate and kind

Maintain your peace of mind


Feel the thrill of euphoric poos

Then clear the air, ventilate the room

Pop on some calming sounds

This won’t be forever

Things can still be good now

So, don’t fall

Life can be swell

Don’t cave to the panic hell

And when you’re friends

Needs paper to wipe piss

The kind gesture is


Say you’ll share TP

Boycott supermarket stress

Be kind at the checkout, babe

Clean hands and sterile cheeks

This ain’t the plague again

This is not way back when

Sewerage was rife

We have a more hygienic life


We’ll look back in hindsight

When cash isn’t so tight

And we can leave town

One day we’ll rest easy

Life will be breezy

So, sing with me now


We don’t have to be uptight

Tossing and turning all night

Wearing big frowns

Soon to be a memory

A chapter in history

It’s what we do now,

What we do now


Say you’ll make memories

Supporting local business

Easing mental duress, babe

Living week to week

Don’t get ahead of yourself

Or clear the supermarket shelf

Be compassionate and kind

Maintain your peace of mind