Panic-free Parody

By Rachel Favilla   Fellow Australians, what we need right now is a good laugh and the uplifting atmosphere of a campfire sing-a-long. In light of the recent Bushfires, I feel that lighting any sort of fire would be in… Continue Reading >

Games List the kids will enjoy in this time of Isolation

As we are all aware, the world is in a little bit of a state now.  The Coronavirus and Covid-19 have placed the world into a spin and we are all doing our best to deal with our new reality,… Continue Reading >

Effects of COVID-19 on Special Needs Children

There’s no question (and it’s backed by quite a bit of research) that COVID-19 and the imposition of quarantine/lockdown mandates has had a higher negative impact on children (and families) with special needs (as compared to their neuro-typical counterparts). Learning… Continue Reading >

How Does Social Isolation Affect Children?

Recently both children and adolescents have seen considerable changes to their weekly routines. School looks different, sport is on hold and parents and family for the most part have been the sole source of face-to-face social interaction for many children… Continue Reading >

How to make the most of Mother’s Day this year

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but with self-isolation and social distancing, many parents will be searching for a whole new way of celebrating this annual ritual with their families. On top of the celebrations themselves, many of us… Continue Reading >

Keep calm and carry on….but in a different way

31st December 2019 the clock struck midnight and 2020 had begun. Little did we know what was ahead of us and how much the world was going to change in the next few months. A few months ago we were… Continue Reading >