I took my 2 boys to the beach yesterday about an hour away, and just wanted to move there as it was so tranquil… escape the reality of city life… ahhhh! Who else does this when they go somewhere nice? I started to dream about how I could walk to the beach after work, kids could learn how to surf. Life would be bliss… however I’d still be a mum doing the everyday, mundane chores, but how life just would just seem better living next to the water.

It really is a great way to detoxify and rejuvenate (for me anyway)…
ok enough dreaming…

While I was there I got chatting with the woman making my chai latte at the local shops… and of course we get talking about babies. I just can’t help myself. She told me she has a 2 year old. So, I asked her about her local child health nurse (secretly wishing it was me), and she was quick to say how the nurse was not very nice, as was so judgmental on her parenting and made her feel bad for switching from breastfeeding to formula with her then 4 month old. We had a mini-debrief session right then and there! So even 20 months. This got me thinking how much this whole thing about judging each other. In all parts of our lives it is awful to feel judged wrongly or rightly, or made to feel inadequate. Especially as parents and more so new parents, who may not yet have the experience to back up (and tell others to back off) their decisions on the way they parent. Parents being encouraged to use their instincts, listen to those they trust, and be guided by what they feel is a right fit for them is the way to go. Giving a mum the guilts does not serve anybody. Least of all the confidence for the mum. We need to be boosting each other up. Giving feel goods to everyone for doing the best job that they can be doing. Child health nurses especially are there for guidance support and not to judge or ridicule.

To the barista making my almond chai latte yesterday – you are amazing!

Blessing to you all.


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