Separation anxiety at drop-off….help! 

We’ve all been there – rushing to work, battling traffic, scoffing a breakfast bar because we haven’t had time to eat a proper meal……we finally get to childcare, only for our little one to… Just. Stop. They grab our legs… Continue Reading >

What is Matrescence and why every woman should know about it?

I never thought motherhood would be such a challenging and transformative experience for me. In hindsight, I realise that it started well before my daughter came into this world. I felt a shift within me as I was trying to… Continue Reading >

How to Support Your Child Through Separation Anxiety

Does your child start crying or throw a tantrum when you need to leave them? This can be absolutely heart wrenching and distressing for both of you. It’s important to know that separation anxiety (distress at the point of separating… Continue Reading >

The benefits of sending your child to childcare

By Dr Kaylene Henderson   The decision about whether to send your child to childcare is often accompanied by a wave of mixed emotions – nervousness, relief and that all-familiar guilt, just to name a few. After all, you’re planning… Continue Reading >

Separation anxiety: An essential guide for parents

Media kindly brought to you by Goodstart Early Learning   Nervous about your child starting at an early learning centre or kindergarten? Many parents are. Below are some tips from a psychologist, to ensure it’s a smooth transition for your… Continue Reading >

5 Ways Back to School Anxiety Shows up In Kids

Starting the new school year can be very exciting, but for many kids it is also a time of transition which can leave them feeling worried and unsure. Back-to-school anxiety is very normal and can occur at any age, whether… Continue Reading >

Suggestions to Support your Children as they Transition Back to School

Some families have coped more successfully than others with the disruption and change COVID issued in. Mattson Newell, a director for Partners in Leadership, a Fortune 500 Company, realised that the most successful people displayed a quality not covered by IQ… Continue Reading >

How to help your toddler adjust to life with a baby on the way

Walking along the frozen aisle at Coles, a woman stops next to us in front of the vegetables. “Oh, how far along are you?”. “7 months” I reply. She beams at my daughter looking at her suspiciously “how exciting! You’re… Continue Reading >

Image safety is paramount when going back to school

Starting school for the first time, or making the transition to ‘big school’, can be an exciting time for child and parent alike. It’s only natural to want to document the occasion and share the photos online to express just… Continue Reading >

Going Back to School

I’m sure there really are kids out there who are excited about heading back to school after the summer holidays. But I don’t know any of them. If your kids are back at school, or about to be, these ideas… Continue Reading >