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Whether it’s a well-meaning Aunt warning us not to lift anything too heavy, or an online fitness guru barbell squatting with a giant pregnant belly, there is so much conflicting information available about whether exercise is safe to do whilst trying to fall pregnant.

It’s no wonder so many women I meet have opted to do… nothing!

Well, I’m here to set the record straight, once and for all.

You should absolutely exercise while trying to conceive! In fact, it’s been suggested that regular exercise can be extremely beneficial to conception, provided you’re prioritising proper nutrition and recovery (i.e. don’t overdo it).

Here are my top tips for exercising safely on the journey to conception:

The first (and obvious) place to start is your GP or OB/GYN

They will know your medical history better than anyone else, and can give you a clear idea of what will be safe for you.

Many factors they will consider include: whether you’ve been pregnant or given birth recently, have any medical conditions or risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy, such as obesity, type II diabetes or hypertension, and whether you have a history of miscarriage.

They are also a great source for referrals to allied-health professionals

Women’s Health Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors can help guide you safely through your entire pre-conception, pregnancy and post-partum journey if you have a chance of a high-risk pregnancy.

Consider your current level of fitness, and use this as a guide for how you will get started

If you’re brand new to exercise, or if it’s been a while, I recommend introducing light walking, swimming or light resistance training initially, and slowly building up as you get stronger.

If you’re well-established in the fitness game, the advice in most cases is to carry on as you are (though you will need to make some adjustments after you become pregnant).

Now is the time for nourishment and good sleep, not for weight-loss

Your body will require lots of energy to grow a baby. Unless your Doctor recommends you lose weight prior to conceiving, this is the perfect time to stop focusing on weight-loss, and get yourself strong, hydrated, healthy and ready to make a human.

Focus on recovery, reduce stress and start a digital-detox before bed

My favourite recovery tool is sleep. If you’re already a parent this might be tricky to come by, so I help my clients with toddlers improve sleep quality, rather than quantity.

  • Take a warm (not hot) bath or shower at night
  • Switch off devices 30 minutes before bed and dim the lights
  • No devices in bed
  • Bed is for sleeping, nothing else (no, not even reading!)

That last one is especially helpful if you have trouble getting to sleep at night. Your brain needs to associate your bed with sleep and not activity.

If you find you can’t sleep, get up and do something (without a device) away from your bed, then come back to bed and try again once you feel tired.


To summarise:

With the all-clear from your Doctor, it is absolutely safe and recommended to exercise while trying to fall pregnant. I also encourage women to prioritise well-being, reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality during this time, rather than focussing on aesthetic goals.

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