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In keeping true to this, we are excited to launch

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Kiddipedia The Podcast simplifies the process for finding expert parenting advice as we transition out of lockdown to our new normal.


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To celebrate our launch, we have given you access to the first

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Take a look at our first 5 here:


Ep 1: Creativity & It’s Relationship To COVID-19

Dr Tessa Grigg
Research and Education Manager at Toddler Kindy GymbaROO and KindyROO


Ep 2: How To Keep Your Little Ones Kidsafe At Home

Melanie Courtney
Kidsafe Victoria CEO

Ep 3: Great Tips For Getting Kids Cooking In The Kitchen

Siobhan Boyle
CEO of Jamie Oliver’s The Good Foundation


Ep 4: Activities To Support Your Child’s Gross Motor Skills Whilst Home In Isolation

Emily Hayles
Principal Physiotherapist and Owner at Move and Play Paediatric Therapy


Ep 5: Domestic Violence, It’s Relationship With Home Isolation During The COVID-19 Era

Christine Craik
National President of the Australian Association of Social Workers