Twin Dads

Being a dad to twins is just as hard as being a mum to twins. You may not have had to go through the birth yourself – although you were likely in the room for it. You may not be… Continue Reading >

5 Lessons for a tidier home, that even your toddler can understand

Maintaining a home that is tidy but functional is something everyone needs to be jointly invested in. If it is one person in charge it will become too big a task and it will likely not happen, more likely creating… Continue Reading >

Supporting Brain Development in your Baby

Congratulations! Suddenly, you have a tiny vulnerable human who is completely reliant on you. You have been given advice on when they should sleep, how to keep them clean and healthy, how you change their nappy and why you need… Continue Reading >

Modelling Healthy Coping Skills

We all experience anger, fear, frustration, sadness, rejection, disappointment, jealousy, and guilt at different times; they are simply part of being human.  Uncomfortable emotions are unavoidable, but how we respond to them is our choice. Teaching children how to cope… Continue Reading >

Long Haul Tips to make traveling with kids easy and enjoyable

Media kindly brought to you by Plane Pal   Let’s face it, after the challenges of the last few years, we all need a holiday. There’s nothing better than packing your bags and getting away for some much-needed R&R and… Continue Reading >

Why you should keep your child in a rearward-facing car seat for as long as possible

Media kindly brought to you by Britax   Car rides with infants and young children can be challenging at the best of times and for a multitude of reasons – restlessness, boredom, and squabbling amongst siblings in the backseat can… Continue Reading >

Top Tips for Managing Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is when a child has excessive reactions to separation from caregivers – whether real or imagined. It’s pretty common, affecting somewhere between 4 to 5 percent of kids. That’s 1 child out of every 20 to 25 kids…. Continue Reading >

How to talk to our children about the climate crisis and embolden them to take action

Climate change is scary. For adults, let alone kids. We’re scared by things that are out of our control and if we don’t think something is fixable then we believe there’s no point trying.  I spoke to several friends asking… Continue Reading >

Kids not listening? How to talk so that your kids can hear you.

As a mum of four boys. Believe me when I say I get it when people say their kids are not listening. Some days I feel like I tell one of my kids to put their shoes on 17 times… Continue Reading >

What to do if your child sees illegal content online?

TRIGGER WARNING – THIS BLOG POST CONTAINS THE DISCUSSION OF CHILD ABUSE MATERIAL!  I had a young person contact me yesterday asking for HELP. The young person had been shared a link to a website in which they were pressured to… Continue Reading >