It’s not every day that you get to speak with Miss Universe Australia, but, lucky for us today is the day.

Where’s the link between Miss Universe & a parenting podcast I hear you say?!?! Well, I’m glad you asked.

Today we welcome Miss Universe Australia 2020 Maria Thattil, who will be Australia’s national entrant in the Miss Universe pageant which is aiming to take place in May.

Maria is a writer & speaker & the creator of Mind With Me – an empowerment series on Instagram which inspires women, men & young people to be confident & live their best lives.

An incredible woman & advocate for inclusion committed to using her voice & platform to drive the pursuit of progress.

As an Australian of Indian heritage, Maria has experienced racism throughout her childhood. Today she shares her life experiences & thoughts on ’How to teach your kids to be respectful of others when it comes to race.

We ask Maria questions including:

  1. What does it feel like to be a victim of racism?
  2. Do you feel there has been a shift in consciousness since your childhood experiences towards the society becoming more accepting – or not?
  3. What is the most sensitive way for a child to ask another child what their background is? What is the right language to use & questions to ask?
  4. Are the use of the right words & tone of your voice the difference between making someone feel foreign & exhibiting genuine curiosity?
  5. Do you think it’s important for parents to provide children exposure through curricular activities & cross-race friendships can help decrease prejudice?
  6. How old do you think children should be to discuss racism in society?
  7. Why is it important to talk to your children about race early?
  8. What should a parent do if they don’t feel equipped to have race related conversations with their children?
  9. How can parents demonstrate good role modelling?

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