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Nerd: by definition, the oxford dictionary characterises this as someone who is ‘Unfashionable and socially inept or boringly studious.’ Undoubtedly this conception can be seen as being discourteous and disrespectful.

What is the first thought that pops into your mind when you hear the word “Nerd”? Does it ignite memories of an old classmate from high school who wore glasses, daggy clothes who was notably uncomfortable, nervous and awkward when you spoke to them? Or a group of friends that used to hang out in the ‘computer room’ or ‘library’ in their quest to quench their thirst for knowledge and feed their appetite for information?

During our adolescence, many of these so-called “nerds” or “geeks” may have gone unnoticed unless they were unlucky enough to have attention brought to them by being teased by the cool kids in the corridors at school.

At the time, what we didn’t understand was that these so-called “nerds” posses the brilliant minds of our time. Our daily lives are made easier thanks to their technological advances, discoveries and ingenuity that have invented the many gizmo’s and gadgets we use each day.  Unknowingly, these “nerds” would become the unsung hero’s of our society. Much the same as the comic book superhero’s they idolised, or more recently a superpower in a Marvel movie, their innovations and inventiveness would one day rise to overcome all the troubles of the world and save us all.

Thank goodness for their quirky, beautiful minds, where would the world be without out them? To begin with, you wouldn’t be reading this from a smartphone, iPad or desktop computer right now.

Did you notice at your school reunion that the nerdy kids grew up to be some of the most esteemed, respected and influential people in the room? Notably, they are the ones who have made lasting change in the world with high profile roles and driving fancy cars.  Now, who is the cool kid I ask you!?!?!

Makes us think of the nerds of our time were embraced more during their adolescence, how many more scientific and technological advances would we have? For this reason,  we should nurture the inquisitive nature of children, encourage reasoning, stimulate creativity, develop critical thinking and enable all children to live their best life.

Did you know that according to a report recently published by Dell Technologies, it is estimated that 85% of the jobs that today’s learners will be doing in 2030 haven’t been invented yet.

How do we do this I hear you ask? Well, thankfully, Professor Plums is here to help.

Professor Plums is Australia’s leader in intelligent toys, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), science gifts and all things nerdy. Buying gifts for quirky kids or teenage boys (that isn’t a pair of sneakers or a computer game) and nerdy adults who love science gadgets can be difficult. Thankfully the brilliant minds of our next generation have a broader scope of choice beyond dungeons and dragons.

What is most important to the team at Professor Plums when selecting your range?

When selecting our range, we want things that fit the theme of being STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths). We love quirky, fun and nerdy items! We also want items that are different that you can’t easily find anywhere else, while remaining reasonably priced.

Professor Plums provides something of interest for all ages and interests. They have one-stop-shop access to everything from microscopes, telescopes to dinosaurs, science kits, craft kits to plush toys with an educational twist and a collection of timeless classic games and puzzles for all ages and to entertain the whole family.

Professor Plums opens the door to a world of possibility; their range provides interactive ways to teach kids and adults about science and opportunities for you to bond with your kids on the weekends or school holidays.

What do you hope families experience from your range?

We want people to come to us to find quirky items that are full of thinking and learning.

Finding the right Christmas Gift this year doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Go beyond sticking an iPad in front of your children to keep them entertained or a craft kit they have played with a million times. Make your children’s world more interesting by stimulating their natural curiosity by helping them develop their skills and talents in a free playing environment.

Who know’s you may have the next Elon Musk or Steve Jobs sat around your dinner table and not know it- yet!.

If you want to give a present this Christmas that will make a difference to your child’s future, excite them, nurture their inquisitively, develop critical thinking while being memorable then look no further.

To feed your children’s imagination and appetite for knowledge, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift at Professor Plums.

As adults, it’s not too late for us either. The world needs each of us to grow to our full potential, who’s to say you don’t have the next genius innovative idea that could change the world??!

For us all to live our best life, we all need to expand our thinking.



About Professor Plums:

Professor Plums is a store for all geeks, nerds and budding scientists, based in Crows Nest, NSW. They sell a variety of educational toys, gifts and discovery items. Here you will be sure to find the perfect gifts for nerds and geeks in your life whether they are a kid, teenager or adult.

What is the inspiration behind Professor Plums?

I’ve been working in the toy industry for many years. Many years ago on a trip to London I found a museum store that sold all kinds of innovative, quirky and fun items that didn’t exist back home. So I thought it would be great to set a museum style store here that is filled with amazing STEM items.

To view their range visit:

What do parents have to say about them:

When you can’t think of a gift for a child, come here. The shop is only small but it’s packed with great ideas for kids, and is an awesome place to browse. If you bring children here then be prepared to be hit up with requests to buy stuff. I love it because i’m a Sciencey, Game-playing sort of Guy and so the merchandise appeals to me.  – Michael Curran

The rocket (Liquifly) was a hit with my 10yr son as well as the other kids at the park when we tried it out. It was easy for him to assemble and use on his own. The video shows him using the low pressure valve along with 20% of water filled. A great toy that even older kids will enjoy experimenting with.

This is the scientific toy shop you wish was around when you were a child. I’m a frequent visitor as an adult and often buy gifts for my friends and family here – it’s the place to find something unique, interesting, cool and very different.  – Sara Allen


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