Edu Pd

Edu Pd

The word “YET” can be very powerful to help our children and students to develop a growth mindset, which will help them towards achieving their goals and foster success. A growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset will help push through that extra mile when they want to give up. Moreover a growth mindset teaches them to learn new things, be more curious, view challenges differently and also with more optimism and enthusiasm.

Practice the word “YET” to overcome challenges and build resilience towards achieving results:

I cannot do this … YET
I do not know how to do this… YET
It is not working for me… YET

That maths exercise is too hard for now, but if they keep trying to understand the processes, ask questions to their teacher, check with their fellow students how they are doing it, they will get it.

Praise children for their effort whilst trying to achieve something: rather than focuses on the end result, focus on the processes your children are using and putting in place to progress. Processes rather than goals and end results will help achieve progress and move forwards. Maybe they did not score a goal at netball today but they managed to successfully pass the ball that lead to scoring.

Highlight to your children how there were some things they were not able to do at first, but after much effort put into it, they successfully achieved it. They could not ride a bike at first, or they could not speak a single word of a foreign language and now they can.