So you’re reading an article about establishing a morning routine with yoga and meditation involved to really kick-start your day. If your response to that is, “Good joke! I’m a Mum.” read on sister…

We have 8 tips and hints for the busy Mum that will have you feeling more productive, energised and ready to take on the world with your little ones.


DIY Organic Cleaning

Choosing organic cleaning products is a simple way to invest in long-term reduced health issues, improved air quality and household savings. One of the best things about going all natural when it comes to cleaning your home is you can DIY with many essential household items. For an effective green cleaning multi-purpose solution, simply mix together lemon juice, 1 tsp bicarb soda, 1 tsp liquid organic soap, as many drops as you like of lemon or lavender essential oil, and water. Mix together in a glass spray bottle and you have yourself a budget-friendly and natural home cleaning solution.



The Magic of Online Shopping

It’s no wonder that Aussies are spending about $1.95 billion per month on online purchases. E-commerce provides efficiency, better prices and a more convenient way of shopping, especially for the everyday busy Mum. As much as it is a completely organised and stress-free occasion to take your kids to the shops (ha!), it is a much easier task to make purchases online and have them shipped straight to your front door. Online shopping for homewares is a must for busy Mums, which is why online shopping is booming here in Australia with homewares leading the race.



Invest in Time Savers

In order to preserve precious time, the busy Mum has got to invest in some time savers. To identify what time savers to invest in, you must first identify what your time wasters are. Do you spend hours a day doing dishes? Do you spend hours a week hanging laundry out to dry? It may be time to invest in a dishwashing machine and a dryer. I know what you may be thinking, “Who can afford such luxuries?!” Well, luckily, consumers are now selling to consumers in places like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, meaning you can get massive savings on well-loved furniture and home time savers. Spend less time on chores, and more time with your family. You won’t regret investing in time savers – they are well worth the investment.



Exercise Multi-Tasking

Stop beating yourself up for not being the girl chugging pre-workout in between sets at the squat machine who reeks of carefree vibes and passport stamps. It is totally okay to be the caring worried Mum struggling to get the time to even make a pre-workout shake before the gym let alone even getting there. And there are more options to exercising! It is however important that you get your daily exercise because your health depends on it. Therefore, create fun exercises while multitasking. Do squats while holding your baby so your baby can be highly entertained while her Mumma gets fit. Invest in a machine like a treadmill or an elliptical for your home along with some cheap weights for a cheeky workout whenever you can. Do crunches while your husband watches TV (although he may prefer watching you if you do that…). Be creative and make sure to stay active, even if that means just doing what you can, and be easy on yourself for what you can’t.



Healthy Meal Preparation

As women, we are natural giving caretakers dedicated to the health and wellness of our families. But sometimes, just sometimes, you give yourself a damn break because you’re tired as hell, and the family is eating chicken nuggets tonight. It will happen, it’s inevitable, but avoid it at all costs by planning ahead. Every Sunday, organise your meals for the following week so you can stay on top of the healthy eating of your family. Make sure to pre-cook healthy meals in advance so they’re ready to go on those days you just can’t bear to peel another potato. The fun part to this is that you can experiment with new recipes and take photos of your pristine foodie creations. You are a goddess. You are a superwoman. You are a meal prepping organised Mum to the max. You can do this.



Priority Date Night

Let’s not forget about your adoring husband who rubbed your feet during pregnancy and puts up with all of the quirks you know you have, but he’s not allowed to say you have. Make date night with your darling partner a priority and watch it change your relationship and life for the better. Mums aren’t just Mums – They’re people, wives, partners, confidants, dream weavers, protectors, and inspires. Make sure you have an identity outside of motherhood and keep it intact and connected, and coincidentally, it makes you better at the Mum job too. A strong relationship with your husband will trickle down and create a stronger family, so weekly dates with him are incredibly important, so make it a priority.



Fridge Family Schedule

Doctor appointments, social events, birthdays, work schedules – you name it, it needs to be on the schedule. You can buy magnetic fridge calendars perfect for the busy Mum who needs to keep track of all the demands of everyday life. Whether it’s a soccer game or a science project due date, encourage your kids to make note of it on the schedule. Whether it’s your husband’s work event or your hair appointment, make sure to put it on the schedule. This will ensure everyone in the household knows what’s going on with events and appointments, so it’s much easier to navigate scheduling conflicts that may arise and nip them in the bud. It’s also teaching your kiddies to be organised and plan ahead.



Mandatory Self-Care

This is a must for the busy Mum. You-time sometimes may seem impossible, but as you know, it is necessary to avoid burnout. You want to be fully present for your kids. This means you need to take care of you sometimes. Whether that means a late-night bubble bath, a scheduled massage, a self-manicure, or a half hour of reading a book you love or journaling, it is imperative that you take time to get in touch with your own light and inner voice. Add lavender to your bath to reap maximum calming benefits. Authors like Elizabeth Gilbert and Gabrielle Bernstein are perfect for an inspirational relaxing read for the everyday woman. If you don’t have time for reading, pop on a podcast of a book to listen to as you do other tasks. Even if you decide simply to do something nice for yourself like buy yourself a little gift online, or purchase a new lipstick while shopping for the family, make sure to incorporate little acts of self-love into your busy schedule. This will, in turn, show your babies the importance of self-care which is necessary for mental health and a strong relationship to self.


Use these tips and hints to ace the busy Mum game and have your household running smoothly. While you’re doing squats with your baby in your arms waiting for the dishes to wash and laundry to dry, remember to pat yourself on the back for the amazing Mum and person you are. Don’t forget to flirt with your husband and give yourself some self-care and most importantly, permission to relax.


Kaylyn Jeffrey is the Web Content Manager for She has a background in psychology, employee and personal wellness, and strategic content creation. When Kay isn’t writing articles with ♥ on the Gold Coast of Australia, she is researching Aussie homeowner tips and travelling the world with her fiancé as a digital wanderer.


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